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According to “Modern Bride” magazine, the average bride spends 150 hours planning her wedding. The average groom spends 150 hours going, “Yeah, that sounds good.”

According to a survey on, 37% of single people think splitting the bill is okay on a dinner date. The other 63% were women.

“No man knows more about women than I do, and I know nothing.”

When your wife says, “What do you think?” she is not asking for YOUR opinion. She is asking for HER opinion, from your mouth.

According to a new study at Duke University, depressed women live longer. Well, that should cheer them up – not only is your life miserable, it’s going to go on for a long time.

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are beautiful.

There’s two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.

The reason women don’t play football, is because you can’t get eleven of them to appear in public in the same outfit. (lol)

My girlfriend said she wanted to have a serious talk to me about our relationship. We had a nice meal and some wine and then she started. “I think we need to decide in what direction our relationship is going.” “I feel we are at a crossroads: one path leads to hardship and commitment but, ultimately, to happiness and joy; the other, well, it just leads to a dead end.” She paused. “So what do you say?”
I thought about it for a while and then replied, “That’s not a crossroads, you silly cow, that’s a T-Junction”

Not really what I expected, and I read that it was factually inaccurate. Still a good show.


Just as Dexter is discovering his emotions (S1E10), I am too. I thought I made a long way through this space, but there sure is a long way to go. Especially the ones long repressed. I guess that’s why I feel drawn back here.

Dexter (voice over): Harry’s first rule was don’t get emotionally involved. I think this is why.

At least I am going in the right direction, I think. Can I reclaim the lost? Haven’t felt this in ages. Time to bask in it.. kekeke..

By the way, Timothy posted some old primary and secondary school pics on Facebook. PRICELESS!! And Siew Pau is getting married @@

Yue-Ming’s stash of audiophile music is somewhat helping. No one has taste like his.

There I was at my desk figuring out the design of the program when I had to call the Boss. The office was quite noisy, so I might as well go out to the corridors.

My nose was running most of the afternoon and my tissue box was empty, so I might as well make the call downstairs and then get the a tissue box from my car later.

After the call I was near the cafeteria, so I might as well get some snacks. Then I realized my wallet was empty, which also resulted in a rather embarrassing situation when I went out for lunch with no money. Lucky thing Uncle was there to bail me.

Since I am going to the car to take the tissue box, I might as well go to Maybank which is just a minute’s drive away. I didn’t realize that the ATM machine was still out of service until it was too late. I went to withdraw money from the same stupid machine in the noon, and it made me wait a good 5 minutes loading its IBM OS/2 when I was already late for work. When it finally loaded, it showed the out of service screen..

Not to be undone, I might as well drive over to Petronas to withdraw money. When I did, I realized that I wasn’t going to have time for dinner later, so I might as well go to McD next door for some food.

When I got my Fillet O Fish value meal, I might as well get an ice cream cone.

And that’s how I got my ice cream.

Overtime tonight. Prep the heavy music.

vid from jc. i haven’t even watched this yet.

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