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Wow.. what an own goal.. his style reminds me of some of my friends 😛

John Terry is one of ‘the most influencial people in the world’ And I am the king of England.

Ronaldo-injuring wizard finally revealed… I should enlist his services. There are a few ppl I want to try this on..

Played FNM for the first time this year. I played a deck UWr deck using Andrew’s cards and tweaked it a bit. Managed to go 3-0, but missed out on the top prize on tie-breakers. Did not play the best Magic, but it was somehow good enough to win. The best parts are the great fun and making a few new friends!

There goes the long weekend. There’s still tonight. Looking forward to it. It’s for 21st no 3. Gotta remember to withdraw money 😛

How to brush your teeth ‘300 style

What did Batman get his parents for Christmas?

Magic Cards FML? Comments LOL!

15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid

SDCC09 – Kevin Smith talks about Twilight – 18PL

5 Star Wars Status Updates

Another one on how to make a woman happy

How twilight works

Career Path.. how true..

THE Grimsby Town letter in all its glory

This is How a Pissed Off Designer Quits His Job

The truth about Twilight

You can imagine me writing up a story to link up all the links above (probably more Twilight hate), but I won’t. It was disastrous day. I Getz hit by Optimus Prime in the morning. It Getz knocked up in workshop now. Waiting on Prime to pay me in a few mins. Furthermore, my previous mcompany wiggled their way through skipping on paying me for 1 week’s “work”. Even after we had a little agreement on some isuses. HR = devil. Also waiting for my payslip to check if they skimped on EPF.

At least I am alive. I am glad I bought a solid car 🙂 and that it won’t cost as much as Hadi’s Bmer oil tank which leaked after going through the fabulous factory road on the way back from futsal. And it was good we had a superb futsal game, beating some guys we don’t get to beat often. My ankle having no recurrence of the injury. Hope to go badminton soon!

Yes I’ll be watching New Moon tomorrow. More joy =.=

I dedicate this song below to myself and my money.. “easy come easy go..

“le hand de God”

Nice.. Taylor Swift and T-Pain : Thug Story

SAP story:  Believe It or Not – III (Team Work)

Interesting TIME article: Are the U.S. and Europe Really That Different?

You can’t say he deserves it.. poor guy: The problem with Internet girlfriends

3 cheers for uTorrent!! Die ScreamyX : uTorrent 2.0 To Eliminate The Need For ISP Throttling

5 Famous Last Status Updates says (9:11 AM):
yo dude
did u add any user exits/badi for transaction FB60?
Alvin says (9:11 AM):
cant remember says (9:12 AM):
or rather, does “ALVIN testing 123 yoyo” sound familiar??

Hi Jonathan,

With reference to the screen shot below, after passing data to SAP from Kofax I tried to save the record however the error below was produced. “Posting is only possible with a zero balance”. Is this because the balance on the right hand corner indicates that bal. is “800.00 – “? Must you create some sort of credit limit for these new vendors?

Secondly, I see “header text” displaying ALVIN testing 123 yoyo. This data wasn’t inputed by Kofax but it appears there all the time when ever a transaction is posted. I believe this must be master data coming from somewhere? Can it be removed?

Thanks for your help on this bro.


Caught up on the latest Darker Than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini. A huge shift from the 1st season. It keeps thing fresh. Have to set my expectations straight.

Dexter Season 4 is more of the same intriguing stuff. Family man?

Have been working at a client’s place in MV. Have quite a few friends working here. It’s only been 2nd day of work. Tedious work 😦 I have been promised something challenging next week. Relishing it. Hope I won’t be as sleepy as this week!!

Grooveshark rocks! Is internet radio back? Connection here has been good enough. Hip hip hurray!

Also tedious is catching up on One Piece.. but it’s worth it. Almost there now.. episode 375.. 50 episodes to go to reach the current episode426.

I became Espada #20 of the Arrancar after I defected from the Shinigami. I wasn’t of much use there anyway. But now as an Espada, I already have something at hand (evil laugh)! I can feel the power surging through me.. I am going to deal with Aragon @@ Yes I find it very amusing. Please ask me about it..

Oh London will be a nice place to go in a couple of years time 🙂

My hamsters are so therapeutic.

I want to try this pingpong stunt 😀

Newspapers say: Women with bigger breasts found to be smarter

15 things worth knowing about coffee

Here is Norah Jones’ new song 🙂 Funky!

Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates

2 hilarious football videos:

John Motson Hates Football Violence

Street Fighter/Tekken – Jonny evans vs Didier Drogba

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