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They are selling knives below my office. Really.

You can get a shirt that says “Aku Cinta Mak Saya” too.

Seeing all the KFC ads in the train just made me want to eat KFC.

But I had A&W instead.. convenience trumps marketing in my head.

It was funny to see all too familiar faces where I did not expect any.

I know I am bad with directions but this is totally going a different way.

Time to look at the map and check out the new destinations. Again.

But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew

Email FWD by Zenith:

Dear all,

Take a minute off yr precious time to digest the article.

Subject: RAJA PETRA – Silence is NOT golden!

Raja Petra Kamarudin fought for the  people of Malaysia . He placed his life at  risk to do his part that all of us may have a better future run by a newly  redefined sense of democracy. And he lies incarcerated in jail, knowing,  as much he as we, that he will suffer at the hands of the prison administration. It doesn’t take much to guess how he will  suffer..

Raja Petra ‘s wife – Marina Lee – rarely  contributes, if ever, articles. So this one might come as a surprise but  it isn’t. It is written by a woman who is the wife of Malaysia ‘s modern hero. She  doesn’t seek the limelight.

She writes from the heart so wrought in pain  and hurt and agonising over when she will get to see her husband again,  knowing that there is always that remote possibility that he may be  brutalised.

I don’t know about you but it certainly hurt deeply in  my heart when I read what she had to write. And I think the least all of  us can do is to spread her article as far and wide as you believe it can  go. Search
through your Contact List and send.. If you have the chance,  talk and discuss it with your friends. Make sure people know what is  happening. Get their support to spread the word out.

No, don’t get  violent with the government. Just forwarding the mail is one thing you can  do peaceably. If you believe in God as I do, please find the time to pray  and pray with a strong sense of renewed effort and purpose. Pray boldly in  other words.

We know God rewards those who do His work and answer  His calling. Raja Petra , in my humble opinion, is one of  them. And you can be another by doing your part.

It is not an  obligation but it is our collective consciousness to realise that Raja   Petra is counting on us to help. He might not be saying much now but if  you have been a reader of his articles, you will know that People Power is  instrumental. And in this case, instrumental in freeing him.

Please do your part.

On behalf of all those who struggle to see a better   Malaysia , I thank you for your  cooperation.

Marina Lee: Is  Parliament Still Relevant?

Posted by Erin
Wednesday, 07  May 2008

‘…when  freedom of speech is being brutally subverted by the present regime and  false charges can be instituted against anyone, who dares to demand for  justice and truth?’

As a wife and mother, I want to  know from my fellow citizens whether a government that has incarcerated my  husband at the Sungai Buloh Prison on trumped-up charges and brought  untold suffering on my family, especially when one of my daughters is  sitting for her final examinations, is a legitimate government.

No wife,  mother or child should have to go through this horrible experience when  all her beloved husband did was to uphold justice and truth.

On May 2  2008, the ‘Armed Might’ of the regime was unleashed on my family when they  came to my house in search of evidence for some alleged crime that my  husband was supposed to have committed.

I thought that this can only happen  in a Gestapo state but not in my beloved Malaysia . You’d be the judge of  this.

The  police came in the morning and desecrated the sanctity of my home for the  fourth time. The fact that this had occurred previously does not make it  any easier for my daughter and I.

I wish that such nightmares can be forgotten,  but let me tell you, especially mothers and wives, that the pain will  never go away and that it is only our family’s self esteem and strength  and our faith in God that
has enabled us to withstand and overcome the  trauma and pain that we have suffered together.

I pray that no mother and wife will  have to suffer and experience what I had with my beloved husband and my  family.

Before we had time to recover our composure, the  police handed us a summons to appear before the CCID the following day.  However at 3:15pm, we received a call to appear at 4:00pm on the same day.My  suspicion for this sudden change in the time for my husband to be interrogated was to prevent
publicity and the exposure of their dastardly deeds.

Can anyone of you imagine what I, as a wife and  mother, had to go through emotionally and psychologically when  accompanying my husband to be interrogated by the police when on a  previous occasion in 2000, he was brutally assaulted in my presence?

I could not  express my anxiety to my husband on the way to the CCID, as I know that my  strength and resoluteness would be critical to enable my husband to face  his interrogators. He must have also felt the same for me and so both of  us, thinking alike kept our silence. But we were determined to see this  through together come hell or high water.

The  Petras’ are not some tofus!! We have enough strength and dignity to overcome  such adversity.  My daughter suffered in silence and despite her age,  she held up magnificently and no mother can be prouder than I to have such  a daughter.

As we approached the CCID, tears welled in my  eyes, but they were not tears of fear, sadness or trepidation, but the  expression of my determination and faith that my husband’s struggle will  ensure a better
future for my daughter and the children of a better Malaysia .

I am proud  to say that my husband overcame the intrigues and schemes and came out  unscathed. But we knew that this was a mere prelude to more brutality that  will be inflicted on my family.

The events of yesterday’s circus are known to  all. But what was most telling was the deafening  silence of the judiciary and the Bar Council, which supposedly are the  guardians of justice and equality.

The dinner that was orchestrated by Pak Lah, his  Law Minister and other cronies that allegedly ushered ‘a new era’ for an  independent and fearless judiciary in upholding justice and human rights,  makes me wonder if such an institution that was promised was a fantasy in  light of my experience.

Today, my daughter and I went to the Sungai  Buloh Prison to visit my husband but we were told that he had no wish to  see anyone, not even any member of the family or lawyers.

I was  shocked and disturbed by this turn of events as it can only mean that my  husband is determined to endure the pain of incarceration and humiliation  of being subjected to and treated like a common criminal for upholding the  freedom of speech and justice.

Being married to him for 35 years, I know only  too well that he is capable of making sacrifices for truth, justice and  freedom. I suspect that when I was told that he did not want to see me,  that he would be taking the ultimate step – to go on a hunger strike to  demonstrate his determination to uphold the cause of truth and justice.

I have  nothing more to say, as I am thoroughly exhausted by the turn of events  and can only hope and pray that my fellow citizens, especially wives and  mothers out there, that you would all come together to protest and to demand for my  beloved husband’s freedom and that you will call upon your Member of  Parliament to boycott Parliament as a gesture of support for my husband’s struggle.

His struggle must not be in vain. We as a family  will see this through but we will only be able to cope if we know that  good and God-fearing people like you will be there and standing together  with us shoulder to shoulder to strike a fatal blow against tyranny and  for justice and truth and for my husband’s freedom.

Marina  Lee

‘To sin by silence  when we should protest makes cowards of people’ – Emily Cox

I don’t eat much spicy food. It is not something I enjoy, but they can be pretty good sometimes. Often when I eat some spicy food, and it can be too much to bear. So I usually take breaks in between so it won’t be too spicy for me. A little cold water helps to distract from the spiciness too.

Unfortunately I had spicy food with friends who love spicy food. They did not seem to be happy that I was not really enjoying the spicy food that day. It was not that I did not like the food, it was just a little too hot to handle sometimes. Especially when I bit into the cili padi.

It was even worse when they have been looking forward to eat it for so long. They also did not appreciate the fact that I used too much cold water, as it kinda bothered them..

I swear the food was good, but it just did not look like I was into it. Their dramatic reaction was pretty disappointing though.

What to do? Practice eating more spicy food? Don’t eat spicy food with them next time? Maybe they should be more sensitive as well?

I quote Zac Hill: That was awkward..

from numbnut:

from yacg:

Following the problems in the sub-prime lending market in the United States and the run on Northern Rock and B&B in the United Kingdom, uncertainty has now hit Japan.

In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches.

Yesterday it was announced that Karaoke Bank was up for sale and is likely go for a song, while today shares in Kamikaze Bank were suspended after they nose-dived.

While Samurai Bank is soldiering on following sharp cutbacks, Ninja Bank is reported to have taken a hit, but they remain in the black.

Furthermore, 500 staff at Karate Bank got the chop and analysts report that there is something fishy going on at Sushi Bank where it is feared staff may get a raw deal.

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