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This is one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s A Long December by the Counting Crows. Yeah it is my era, and gives a really nostalgic feeling. Try spotting one of the actors from “Friends” in the vid 🙂

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It has been a long year. I am glad I got through this year with all the financial uncertainty at the beginning. Thank God that I have paid (almost) all that’s due, with a bit to spare as my tummy can testify.

As for resolutions this year, they are just not my kinda style. I believe in more of a daily/weekly resolution if you know what I mean. So I thought that year end reflection was redundant.

I was at Grace Assembly Klang this morning, and was blessed by the message (tho I slept) when I realized that it is not all about the resolutions. It is also about reflection.. on the blessings we received, and on the mistakes we made.

What was I doing in Klang? I visited Jessica who brought me for some delicious bak kut teh in the morning at Teluk Pulai, and then to some curry mee nearby after service.

What a month in food it has been. Apart from the usual good food I have for lunch in the Sri Petaling /OUG / Serdang area, I had time to visit some old favourites during the holidays.

It was good to visit the Subang pork mee again. The wait is as long as ever, but the food is still of the same standard. Of course it is the company during that wait that enhances the whole experience.

When I followed David’s car to and fro Camerons for the Youth Camp, I knew I was surely in for a treat. We stopped at the duck mee place in Bidor when traveling both ways to have some delicious wu kok (yam puff). I wanted to have some duck mee on the way home but the place is packed at 4pm!!

In Camerons, we stayed at CheFoo in Brinchang and the BBQ there gets a worthy mention. Aunty Grace’s marinated chicken and pork chop were finger licking good. We also dropped by You Hoo restaurant in town and had some wonderful Indonesian curry fish. The rest of the food there isn’t bad either.

Another place I was shocked to find full at 4pm is Carls Jr in Megamall. The place there is rather small, and we delayed our lunch all the way until 5pm to finally get a seat there. But I’d say it was worth it. Just ask Pat. It is beginning to become one of my fav restaurants too 😉

Oh yeah we just celebrated his birthday at the new Fridays in Pyramid. The food there ain’t too bad. I tell you I heard that stupid birthday routine more than 5 times tonight. Hope it doesn’t get stuck too long in my head. Tht dudes are right.. they need to come out with something fresh man.. and doing the American thing without the American accent is just weird..

I have eaten at Sakae Sushi for the last time. I recently had it at Pyramid (again) and I have to say everything there was terrible – from the service to the food. Absolutely terrible. If you want to eat Jap in Pyramid, the best place to go is still Sushi Zanmai.

Speaking of Jap food, we had a mini SMK Seafield 2000 5F reunion at Jogoya in Starhill. After reviewing many other blogs, I find that the menu changes a lot from time to time. I guess it is down to luck on what food you get. The pick of the bunch from our visit are the cheese escagot, king crab, and the ultimate ice cream : Haagen Dazs belgian choc *drools*


He used say we are not like everyone else. We used to do things with a perspective that we were better than everyone else. And it worked. We were flying above everyone else and it felt great.

In the end, we had did not really achieve as well as we would’ve liked, but I am pretty darned sure we had a lot more fun than everyone else.

He is extremely successful now. I really miss living the high life with that bugger. I wonder if I’d ever come close to half of what he has now. But I guess our differences are made apparent in these terms, by different benchmarks.

I have met a few people like him, and they are all better than the average bears. Sometimes I ask myself if I should change the way I do things. If I should impose myself a lot more.

But I think that’s just not me. Maybe I’d fall flat on my face even if I tried. But you’ll never know. No change so far, no regrets so far 🙂

He still owes me 50 cents.

When you create a character in Dungeons and Dragons, you have to specify his/her alignment. After many years of thinking (yeah I did), I think I am Chaotic Good.


Chaotic Good is known as the “Beatific” or “Rebel” alignment. A chaotic good character favors change for the greater good, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom. Most elves are chaotic good, as are some fey.

A good example would be Kira from Death Note. Yeah sometimes I wish I had the Death Note, to create a new world. An utopia. To rid this world of all its rubbish. All its sin.

But then I realize, that has already been done by someone else.

I just finished watching the Derby County – Liverpool match, and I am feeling somewhat flustered by Liverpool’s performance. They won by two goals to one, but they were absolutely shambolic. They were so bad I had to teach my handphone a new word when expressing my.. displeasure.. to Pat.

At least we somehow won the game at the death thanks to the determination of Stevie G, my hero. Thank you Santa. I hope the team will learn from this detestable performance, as if the loss at Reading wasn’t enough!

Here’s an excerpt from the match report at, the club official website.

Then, a revelation. Father Christmas is a Scouser. And his name’s Steven, not Santa. The skipper bombed down the left like it was a chimney, laid it to Voronin but continued his run. When Torres’s shot was saved he was there.

Derby, after a fierce resistnacer, had been Slade – merry Christmas everyone.

I think they paid some 13 year old to write the match report when running short of staff on Boxing Day.

Oh yeah, a happy Christmas to all of you too 🙂

Went shopping again today. Finally bought something after a few scouting trips. I think there should be a major revamp for my clothes, after the comments I got from my pics at the Starlight Masquerade. I can not get the big “lala” out of my head, not forgetting the “retro”, and “lou tou“.

Anyway I didn’t buy much today. I am still waiting for next year’s CNY sale and financing from the long awaited increment to get my major stuff. Hopefully the cash will be sufficient.

Fashion consultation from Andrew today was excellent. He was also a big help to Pat with his spanking new K810. I’ll try to book him again for the CNY sales ><

I am so hopeless at all these T_T

Time to party with Ashley Simpson.. you make me wanna LALA ………….

Haven’t been watching that much anime these days. Stopped following Bleach, finally couldn’t stand the draggy story. Have been slowly catching up on One Piece, and following the latest of Shakugan no Shana Second.

That’s the ending from a new series I just started watching this morning : Darker Than Black

Enjoyed the first episode. Looks good 🙂

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