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More pix from pizdaus 😀 JLaw just makes me keep going back to that site for more! Revisit another site with classic pics at

I guess have been playing too much KOTOR. So much so that some ppl even called me Chewbacca – another WTH (wa tan hor) moment -_-

Yeah I got it after I gave up on the its sequel. It was too buggy and can be frustrating to play at times. Oh well, I am happy now 🙂

Winterbells – another pretty fun flash game from JLaw

Survey: 62% lead exciting sex lives (The Star) – Malaysia, world leader in ..

Gay football World Cup kicks off (BBC) – red card for shirt pulling..? or..

Football Manager 2008 Announced – “Can you feel it?”, Blinque

I am feel the buzzz….

Rachel sent me this interesting The Bird and The Bee album. It’s pretty good .. I really don’t know what category of music that goes under though..

Uncle brought us to Bandar Puteri for bak kut teh yesterday. It has been a long time since I had that. Delicious!

Lucky I didn’t have mid autumn festival dinner in the same day. My family had our dinner the day before. Saved a lot of trouble. Golden Roast duck/pork never disappoints.

We had too many mooncakes this year. Too many ppl exchanged mooncakes with us. I am a little sick of them. That’s a good thing.. so no complaints.

Guess who’s back? See more at



Yes there’s some Disney magic in town.

Disney Live! home page

Axcess ticketing information

Review from

Going or not.. hmmm..

You can see from the home page that there is a Pooh show. Too bad that isn’t coming to town.

I like the “new” Rihanna song which features Ne-Yo : Hate That I Love You

Pic from Pizdaus, The Pics We Like. I like that site.

EXCLUSIVE : Judiciary at stake: Explosive 8 minutes, 2002 – Malaysian judiciary exposed! Someone’s in trouble.. Nothing much in the papers for this one. Get it at JeffOoi’s Screenshots.

Caring for Your Introvert – care for me

But They Did Not Give Up – when you feel like giving up

“Silk market rules” – China rules

New music : Lifehouse – First Time

I’m feeling alive all over again
As deep as the sky, under my skin
Like being in love, she says, for the first time
Maybe I’m wrong, I’m feeling right
Where I belong with you tonight
Like being in love to feel for the first time

On hindsight, I felt I went overboard at futsal on Tuesday. I played like a man possessed, though that could be good in a footballing sense. I didn’t intend to bring the mental/emotional baggage along. I am sorry to my teammates who had to bear with me. I hate it when I lose my brains.

Going to play again with colleagues now. First post-merger combined futsal. Whee!

I spent a lot of time watching anime last week. The sub for Bleach’s 2nd movie Memories of Nobody is finally released. Being a fan of the anime series, I noticed that this movie is pretty different from the anime series. It was weird for me but still worth a watch.

That’s the full MTV for the newly released single version of Chatmonchy’s Daidai. It is the current ending theme for Bleach, and I think the song is awesome. You can watch the Bleach animated theme here.

More on Bleach songs.. Jason once said Yui’s songs were good, and I just came to download Yui’s Can’t Buy My Love album. It is excellent and I feel like such a sucker for JRock.

I also caught up to episode #91 of One Piece. That’s when the Drum Kingdom saga is completed and the cute Tony Tony Chopper joins the crew. On to Arabasta!

Still a lot of catching up to do.. the current episode is #325.

I got started on another anime series called Claymore. After watching 3 episodes of the anime, I wasn’t really impressed by it. It reminded me too much of Blood+.

However Silverwind said it was good.. and I trust his taste in anime. Most of the reviews across the net also say it’s good, and the story will only start to pick up after the 5th episode. We shall see..

Sometimes you wonder what’s wrong with yourself, that some ppl treat you like that.Then you realize: It’s not you. It’s just them.

Enough of that!

Lunch today with a bunch of guys was pretty cool. We can all talk about the main guy topics.. as stated in rojak’s Chun Jee’s Art of War.

a.) Women
b.) Money
c.) Face
d.) Family
e.) Country

Yeah, each of them can start a whole new discussion in itself. Here are some very interesting links on women by norty gordy 😛 I love each of them!

The Tonight Show: Jay Leno’s post-jail interview with Paris 😈


Football joke of the week (reference to Scotland’s recent victory over France) 😀

Ronaldo, Luis Figo and James McFadden

Now on to more serious stuff.

Please watch this excellent presentation from last year’s TED by Hans Rosling:

Debunking myths about the “Third World”

.. more at ..

Jw passed me this Singaporean vid.

8:00 PM Why My Vote Matters-A Dialogue With Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew LKY

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