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Finally had some time to do some geek surfing.. here are some of my picks of the day.. – “Daily digest and pointers on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks” – “Broadcast Him”

Intel, Racism Inside – another ad gone wrong

Top 10 Ways Best Ways to Manage Firefox Tabs – very useful 🙂

The Secret Diary Steve Jobs – whoever this is, he/she sure is doing it with style! [wiki]

I think I have do things with more style.. can’t just simply do..

Just don’t wanna be fake like some ppl..

Something on my mind..

[May 11 2007 Edition]

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and
with all your mind and with all your strength.”
(Mark 12:30 TNIV)

Commentary: Does God Prefer Steaks?

In Genesis 4:1-7 God seems incredibly unfair. Two brothers, Cain and
Abel, bring their offerings. One brings “some of the fruits of the
soil…” (v. 3 TNIV). The other brings “fat portions of the firstborn of his
flock…” (v. 4 TNIV).
God accepted Abel and his offerings but not the offerings of his

Why did God do that? Was He in the mood for steak that day and
therefore rejected the salad?
Was it to demonstrate His absolute freedom to do whatever He liked, a
chance to show that “Life is unfair but God is free? (Walter
Brueggemann, Genesis, Atlanta: John Knox, 1982, p.56)?”
Was it because God demands blood sacrifice, and farmer or shepherd, you
have to come before Him with an animal sacrifice? Doesn’t seem to say
so in the text.

The book of Hebrews gives us this summary of the transaction — “By
faith Abel brought God a better offering than Cain did. By faith he was
commended as righteous, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by
faith Abel still speaks, even though he is dead” (TNIV) — but it only
begs the question. In what way did Abel demonstrate his faith?

The answer is simple and is found in the text. Bruce Waltke summarises
it this way:

“In actuality, the key to Cain’s failure is found in the narrator’s
careful descriptions of Cain and Abel’s tribute. Cain brings ‘some of the
fruits.’ There is no indication these are the first or the best. Abel
brings the best, fat from ‘the firstborn.’ Cain’s sin is tokenism. He
looks religious, but in his heart he is not totally dependent on God,
childlike, or grateful.”(Genesis, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001, p.97)

In our day of cholesterol phobia, we may not recognize the significant
of “fat” in biblical times. In ancient times, the fat was considered
the choicest part of the animal. And the firstborn was the most important
part of the flock. So the fat of the firstborn is the best of the

Cain did his religious duty. But his heart was not in it. Abel’s
worship was intentional. He loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and
strength (Deuteronomy 6:5). He gave the best of his best. And God says that
is the only worship acceptable. How could we even imagine even for a
minute that the Almighty would accept token worship? Or be fooled by
those going through the motions?

Even on our best day the best of our best would not be good enough for
God. But He sees the trajectory of our hearts. He is even willing to
accept two fishes and five loaves (John 6:9), or even “a fraction of a
penny” (Mark 12:41-44)) — if the heart is right.

I preached on this passage last Sunday and as always, it is the speaker
who most needs to hear the message. I have been a follower of Jesus
since 1969 — time enough for Christianity to be just a part of my life,
time enough for tokenism to creep in. What is worse I am also a bible
teacher, which means I handle the scriptures and talk about the holy
all the time. I run the danger of seeing God as just part of my job. God
help me.

I also have a different concern. I fear that people will read this
piece and throw themselves into more church activism. Too many churches
seem to equate giving our best to God with giving our best to the church.
Some pastors use such bible passages to get their members to do more to
propagate their church programmes. Giving our best to God is not
equivalent to burning out for Him.

If we are serious about giving our best to God, neither apathy nor
guilt driven activism will be acceptable. If indeed it is our heart that
God wants then we should ask the Lord to tutor our hearts. We need to be
yoked/reyoked with Him (Matthew 11:28-30) and learn from Him what
precisely He expects from us. What we cannot do is go through life careless
as to how we relate to Him.

Each morning when we awake, we have a choice to make. What will we
bring to the altar? We can bring lip service and tokenism. Or we can pour
out our lives as a drink offering (2 Timothy 4:6). It appears there is
no middle path.

Give of your best to the Master;
Give Him first place in your heart.
Give Him first place in your service;
Consecrate every part.
(Give Of Your Best to the Master, Grose & Barnard)

Your brother,
Soo-Inn Tan
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I finally got to eat at the Serdang lat thong/fa thiu kai place today. Can’t believe they went without me the last time! Somemore got pictures for me to see.. too much!

I know I posted this only a while ago.. but.. I felt that didn’t really do justice to that place. This is certainly a case of my friends making me fat 😛 I should be going to Just Heavenly Pleasures this Sunday (tomorrow). Here are links to some fabulous pics and reviews so you know what you are missing!

It’s ok.. I don’t think I mind going there again 🙂

Christian? Single? Looking? Haha! Guess what I found – Rendezvous

If you understand Cantonese, enjoy this Transformers spoof.. it can be pretty funny..

Baby Ally Whatever – vid from Jo.. very cute!

I can’t believe she thought I was that young. She even said she could be old enough to be my mother. Even exaggeration has its limits!

Many are also surprised by the fact that I am the oldest in my family. I guess that’s due to my simple/easy-going outlook. Ah.. whatever! Malas.. hehe..

I have a bad blister on the little toe on my right foot and my left knee hurts every time I walk. It’s great to feel pain sometimes. I feel alive! Haha!

I enjoy playing football with.. or sometimes against my friends. Maybe not so much when losing.. It’s still great anyway.

Let me think of all the places I played football at. I used to cycle/walk all over USJ for a good game of football in the evening with my friends. Well I played football with many ppl in many places, these are just the main places I stayed to play.

It all started in USJ 2 in Form 3 after the World Cup ’98 when I really started to get serious with football. I’d play with Gerald in the hot sun at 3pm until it got dark. I also went under my sifu Das for “training” in FBC/ss18.

Then there was USJ3 also when there were ppl like Jon, Kenny, KengChuan, Aaron, WengFook, PG, Adam, WeiJiin, KengHeng, Valene and the lot. It was pretty dangerous playing beside that huge longkang where many memories / friendships were made.

I used to play with my seniors in USJ 6. They aren’t exactly a friendly bunch, but it was a good learning experience with a more physical style of football.

The I discovered USJ 5, where I played with and got to know Pat, JW, KH, Khiril, Jon/Adrian Lee and some juniors. They talked a lot of crap but the skill level there is higher than most. Got to know Pat at that time. Had to cycle/walk to his house everyday and wait almost forever for him to get ready! Until today I still don’t understand why he would always shower before playing.

Played with SayHeng and his friends in USJ 11. Knew him through KengHeng/WeiJiin. Didn’t really get along really well with SayHeng’s gang, but I got to know his cousin WeiShen there. Glad they are doing well now. It was fun playing in the rocky fields (and then basketball court) of which some older adults joined us.

Let’s not forget the legendary USJ4 where I played the most. We’ve been through a lot there and I’ll skip that cos there’s just too much that happened with us doing stupid things like stealing public property to make our goalposts, ponteng tuition to play, having our cendol, dealing with internal conflicts, and ppl like Saviola, Konda, our bullying seniors, irritating juniors, etc etc.. Such fun!!

I think Saturday morning football was still the best. That’s when most of my schoolmates play together when someone actually organizes it. We played in the big field at USJ2 or USJ4. I’d play football until 10am when I’d rush home and watch my cartoons (Samurai X)! I used to get a lot of stick for that T_T

Oh well.. good memories! Then there was futsal.. but that’s another long story. Oops! Too much!!

I hate it when I can’t sleep. I hate it even more when my body is so tired, but my mind is just too hyperactive to sleep. I used up around more than 4 packs of tissue today at work, I don’t know how I am gonna suffer tomorrow. Sigh..

My mind is running wild. It even came up with..

cheese naan mozarella
ella ella ella
eh eh eh
cheese naan mozarella
ella ella…


I know many ppl who are very irritated by that “Umbrella” song. That’s to them.. share my misery!!

I have been compiling a lot of old songs. The complicated part is separating the songs I really like from the songs everyone really likes. That’s not easy! I want a useful compilation, not some gigantic archive I’ll never touch ><

Listening to .. Garbage. I love Shirley Manson 🙂

Some things are just illogical, or rather logically not probable. Yet we might want it to be true so much so that our brain convinces itself that it’s true. That’s when the sucker punch comes 😥

On a separate note, there are some people/circumstances which will always make you a sucker. Somehow, it’s like destiny or something, that you will still go down that same old road and fall at the same place!

Now I can start to think of something which goes with “4 In The Morning” ..

Humility – the most beautiful word in the English language

This Just Heavenly Pleasures place looks very, very good. Let’s see who I can influence to go there with me… 🙄

Geri bought me some tong suibubur cha cha from somewhere in Bangsar near TMC. It was delicious! We are so gonna miss her ..

I think we had fun as a team at futsal tonight. I kinda feel sorry for the other team, especially the organizer. I am not too sure if we’ll be welcomed to play with them again next week! Oh well.. we had our fun 👿

Speaking of futsal, there’s samba! I somehow got my hands on this absolute classic! I wanna change my nationality to Brazilian.. where there’s beaches, and football, and more beaches 8) u-la-la!

Featured Nerina Pallot here some time ago. She isn’t very famous but I like her songs. I think this video clip of her song “Sophia” is simply breathtaking..

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