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The score suggested we lost badly, but I think we didn’t do too bad at all. We played pretty well and dominated most of proceedings. Unfortunately once we conceded at key moments, it was a bit too much to ask from everyone. It all started with a Riise-esque own goal.. No blame. Poo-poo happens..

Nonetheless, it was still a huge step forward from last week! We are looking forward to next week to set things right.. so that the world continues rotating, and nature is balanced again 😛

Sigh, Riise..

Can’t wait for next weekend. I took Friday off so I have a 4 day weekend. I can watch the CL game.. >< and Shadowmoor’s release event is on Saturday!

Anyway, I guess I did something right this week. At my company badminton event, I got third place in singles.. out of four .. haha! At least I won 1 game ok… dun play play… Whee 😛 Woke up with the right side of my body pretty sore for my troubles. I guess it was worth it.

Next event is futsal. Hope I can make myself useful there..


[April 18, 2008 Edition]

Commentary: Being before Doing
By Soo-Inn Tan

They could have had a comfortable house in the suburbs. But his office was in the city. If he had a house in the suburbs, the after work commute would mean that by the time he got home, his children would already be in bed. So he opted to have a home in the city.

The above snippet of information came up in casual conversation. But it revealed the heart of a man seriously trying to be faithful to his duties as a worker and as a father. Here was a man who realized it was not an “either/or” decision when it came to work and family.

I have just finished a seminar on time management with my church. In truth I prefer the term “life stewardship.” One of my convictions is that our primary call is not, “how can I juggle the never ending items in my to-do list.” My primary call is to be clear as to the main roles in my life. And to be a good steward of those roles.

I first got the idea of focusing on roles rather than on things to do from a book by Doug Sherman and William Hendricks entitled How to Balance Competing Time Demands (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 1989). The authors challenge us to see life as a “pentathlon” where we have to take seriously our responsibilities in five key areas. In their study of the New Testament they believed that we have to be responsible for our duties in the areas of personal life, family, work, church and community. They maintain that often life is not an either or, but a call to be faithful in all these areas. Sherman writes: “Given the range of responsibilities we have and the limited time in a day, trade offs are necessary. Nevertheless, the goal of the believer is to improve in and be more Christlike in each area.” (

The picture of the pentathlon also reminds us that we “win” only when we give adequate attention to all the “events.” It is pointless to be good in only one or two areas. If we do not think “pentathlon” we will naturally gravitate towards the area that has the most developed system of carrots and sticks and often that is the area of work. A global economy puts an ever-increasing pressure on companies to be more productive. Hence companies will develop more and more sophisticated systems of rewards and punishments to get more productivity from their people.

By comparison, working on a tough marriage, or raising difficult kids, may not give any immediate emotional rewards. The temptation is to put in more time at work because we know that if we work hard at the workplace we will get rewarded. Working hard at home however, may not bring immediate results. But if life is a pentathlon, wining at work but losing at home means we still “lose.” Of course results at home or at work are ultimately in the hands of God but Sherman and Hendricks remind us that to be a follower of Jesus means we need to take all our key roles seriously.

Sherman and Hendricks’ approach is somewhat similar to what Stephen Covey proposes in his best seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (New York, NY: Free Press, 1989). Covey encourages us to plan our life week by week. Pro-actively we look at an upcoming week through the lens of our key roles and decide what needs to be done for each of our key roles. Those items are to be put in before we allow our calendars to be filled up.

“Important items are identified by focusing on a few key priorities and roles which will vary from person to person, then identifying small goals for each role each week, in order to maintain a holistic life balance. One tool for this is a worksheet that lists up to seven key roles, with three weekly goals per role, to be evaluated and scheduled into each week before other appointments occupy all available time with things that seem urgent but are not important. This concept is illustrated with a story that encourages people to ‘place the big rocks first.’” (

We note that when Paul exhorts us to be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) he quickly moves on to talk about our key relationships: in church (5:21 cr. 4:1-16), in marriage (5:22-33), parent-child relationships (6:1-4), and at work (6:5-9). Paul then moves on to talk about spiritual warfare (6:10-20). It would seem that for Paul, the first mark of a spirit filled community is how its members are faithful to the call to live out their primary roles in ways that reflect God’s values.

Sherman & Hendricks and Covey are correct in their insistence that roles and responsibilities come before the things we need to do. We are “being” before we are “doing.” We need to be clear as to who we are before we get bogged down trying to juggle the many things we have to do.

So what are the key roles of your life? I am a husband to Bernice, I am a father to four boys, I am a child to my mother and to Bernice’s parents, I am a member of Evangel Christian Church, I run a company that does publishing and training, and I have responsibilities to my friends and to my community. These are my basic roles and responsibilities. Each week I ask myself: “What are one or two key things I need to do for each of my roles so that I continue to be a faithful steward of that role?” (Not all roles may require special attention in a given week.) I keep in mind that one day I will have to give an account for ALL I have done in this life (2 Corinthians 5:10) and that means giving an account for what I have done in all my roles. However I know that when I seek to be faithful to all my key roles, it is also a choice to live a life that is full, and full of joy — the abundant life (John 10:10).

thanks to :

In the beginning was the Plan.

And then came the Assumptions.

And the Assumptions were without form.

And the Plan was without substance

And darkness was upon the face of the workers.

And they spoke among themselves, saying

“‘ It is a crock of shit, and it stinketh.””

And the Workers went unto their Supervisors and said

“”It is a pail of dung, and none may abide the odor thereof”

And the supervisors went unto their Managers, saying

“”It is a container of excrement and it is very strong

such that none may abide by it.””

And the Managers went unto their Directors, saying

“” It is a vessel of fertilizer, and none may abide by its strength.””

And the Directors spoke amongst themselves, saying to one another,

“It promotes that which aids plant growth, and it is very strong.””

And the Directors went unto the Vice Presidents, saying unto them,

“”It promotes growth, and it is very powerful.””

And the Vice Presidents went unto the President, saying unto him,

“”This new plan will actively promote the growth and

vigor of the company, with powerful effects.”

And the President looked upon the Plan, and saw that it was good.


( this is how shit happens )

I know there is a hidden message in “THE PLAN”

Not exactly a good week. We got whooped very badly in the futsal league, only to face the strongest team this week. Our opponents didn’t win the game, we lost it (quoting someone :P) . I think we trained well this Tuesday. Hopefully we won’t do as badly this time.

Liverpool also didn’t do very well. Self inflicted damage is the worst sort of damage.

However I did have a great Shadowmoor Pre-release. It was some miracle I managed to get 12 pts, the perfect score, 4 wins. I got a bye, 2 victories and an agreement for the last one. The prizes weren’t much, but I will always be proud of that T-shirt I won 🙂

Oh ya, in the end I got the Telstar II. I prefer its feel to the Predator. The downside is that I realize a few other ppl also have that model only after I bought them. Oh well, they are still damn good shoes.

Post of the day =

In the first episode of the IBA futsal league chronicles, SJGC began with a win by beating Port Klang 3-1. Get the full story from Alvin at the mamak near you.

I have to buy a new indoor shoe. I got a turf shoe the other time, and it can’t be used on the flat indoor futsal pitch. Today, I went on a scouting quest.. and I found this ..

The picture makes it look old and jaded. Imagine a shiny indoor version of it. Here’s its (dramatic) story:

The adidas Predator PowerSwerve Football Boot becomes the 9th major incarnation of the iconic Predator boot and features more technology than ever before. Available in a choice of three sole plates designed to cover any surface or condition, the PowerSwerve will feature prominently across the globe in international football competitions and all the top divisions, right down to grass roots footballers.

The introduction of SmartFoam technology and a re-designed PowerPulse system gives this football boot increased ball spin for accuracy and masses of power when you need it. Combined with the soft grain leather upper the PowerSwerve is set to be another legendary addition to the adidas Predator family.

Football legend Zinédine Zidane helped to develop the new adidas Predator® PowerSwerve boot. After ending his active career, he worked together with the adidas innovation team (a.i.t) in the further evolution of the new boot. By thoroughly testing the new model, Zinédine Zidane has helped to take quality and fit of this football boot to a new level. The ninth generation of the adidas Predator® family sets new standards, in particular with regard to power, swerve and control. Scientific tests have shown that, in comparison to its predecessor, the Predator® PowerSwerve can achieve up to eight percent more swerve and increase the power behind every shot by around three percent. The Dynamic PowerPulse™ technology in the sole of the boot and the special hi-tech foam in the forefoot upper material make these improvements possible. The PowerPulse™ element filled with tungsten powder, which shifts weight toward the point of impact, enables players to put more power behind every shot. The hi-tech foam in the Predator® element ensures added power, more swerve and better ball control.

Decisions, decisions.. ait!

In the days of John Wesley, lay preachers with limited education would sometimes conduct the church services. One man used Luke 19:21 as his text: “Lord, I feared Thee, because Thou art an austere man” (KJV). Not knowing the word austere, he thought the text spoke of “an oyster man.”

He explained how a diver must grope in dark, freezing water to retrieve oysters. In his attempt, he cuts his hands on the sharp edges of the shells. After he obtains an oyster, he rises to the surface, clutching it “in his torn and bleeding hands.” The preacher added, “Christ descended from the glory of heaven into . . . sinful human society, in order to retrieve humans and bring them back up with Him to the glory of heaven. His torn and bleeding hands are a sign of the value He has placed on the object of His quest.”

Afterward, 12 men received Christ. Later that night someone came to Wesley to complain about unschooled preachers who were too ignorant even to know the meaning of the texts they were preaching on. The Oxford-educated Wesley simply said, “Never mind. The Lord got a dozen oysters tonight.”

Our best may not always measure up to the standards of others. But God takes our inadequacies and humble efforts and uses them for His glory.  — Cindy Hess Kasper

The Master can use what you have to offer,
Though you may consider it small;
His work here on earth is done through His children,
So give Him your best, give your all. —Hess

Do what you can where you are with what you have.

That the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. —2 Corinthians 4:7

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