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Famous People’s Last Words
I love quotes.

I discovered another store which sells yummylicious doughnuts. It’s the malay fritters store in front of the SS19 McD. I like their apam balik too. Some of my friends used to buy their keropok lekor often. Mmm mmm mmmm…

We played futsal today! I read Shan’s sms wrongly and thought that futsal was yesterday. Good thing Pat mentioned it today. It was fun playing with the usual suspects again. They are still FOS.

We played for a good 2 hours and it’s been sometime since I played 2 hours straight. The RM16 paid reflects the amount of playing time but it was money well spent! Body pain.. tired..

Skipped the Liverpool game to play futsal. I didn’t get to witness the humiliation of them losing to Bolton. I don’t know how they fared in terms of performance so I shan’t comment. The result sucks. Big time. Oh well.. at least Chelsea drew.. but they didn’t lose thanks to another official blunder 😮

Daddy’s Girl
“I never heard of such a preposterous thing”

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007
website typo : 2005

Nice ad.

No futsal again today. How sad. The normal guys weren’t playing. So I made other plans. Then Shan told me his colleagues were playing only after I made plans 😡

My colleagues are having a Dota session tonight too. Too bad they only told me after I’ve made plans again. It’s cool to have gamer colleagues! It’s ok, hopefully there’ll be plenty of opportunity for that. I’ve already played my fill last night with Andrew. Good to see him after so long.

Oh well, it isn’t half as bad as it sounds. The plans I made were quite fun 😎 September is ending. 3 more months to next year. Things have been very strange yet pretty fun I guess.

It was great to meet Jenifer and Maggie again today too. I love 2 hour lunch breaks! Also met WaiOnn that day for lunch. It’s so easy to communicate in the world these days. I sound like an old man.

Listening to.. Awake : The Best of Live. Live are one of my all time favourite bands. I really love their music. Too bad some of their lyrics are highly disagreeable to me. I will always remember Turn My Head for Timothy. I can’t put a finger on why I do.. maybe it’s because he was the only other one who liked it at that time and always plays it on his guitar. Turn my head..

Alex and Chun Ming gave me some “work”. Not “real work” yet but it’s still “work”. Hurray!

Daryl passed me this wiki on the Jedi Census Phenomenon. Some ppl just have nothing better to do.

Rishy blogs!? It’s funny, for me at least.

The news spread like wildfire. Now it’s gone. The pressure of it all bore its weight and I guess they just got sick of shouldering it. Though it’s no big deal, I feel for them. I think we’ve all gone through that, or will go through it somehow.

In my teens, I used to care too much about what other ppl think of me. Trying to fit in and all but it just wasn’t me. Then when I got older I didn’t care about it at all. That was just PR suicide. Most ppl misunderstood my actions and I was just plain dislikable.

Now I am still trying to find that balance between both extremes. And I still don’t know why everyone is so bloody prejudiced against each other. We all have our own opinions and make our own mistakes, don’t we? Can’t we be friends even if we don’t agree on a certain topic (or two)?

We are finished training last Wednesday and have absolutely nothing to do until now. Another day at work 🙄

In the US – Church 2.0

A case of Horlicks for 1,000 – 2,000 British Pounds
Stock up on Milo now!
from : making a Horlicks

The Dark Side of Debt
As always, this formula applies
Risk x $ = $$$ or ___

Erik gave me the url of this insanely funny blog..

Line Rider
Create your own ride! Very fun!!!
challenge : try to make him cycle backwards
WARNING : addictive

Being and Seeming: the Technology of Representation
Very interesting. Technology literature? Geeks only.

On Being In Love
Wow. Girls should read this to know a bit about what I think every guy goes through.
From The Prometheus Institute on Lifestyle.
More (very) interesting articles found there.

Scrotum injury ends Chinese teenager’s season
Can you feel the pain?

I am convinced there is a Chelsea conspiracy. For their 2nd match in a row, the referees have failed to give clear cut penalties against Chelsea. They then won a penalty against Fulham when they were finding Fulham hard to break down. Please uncover a scandal.. Chelsea for the 2nd Division! That’ll be fun.

On another front, to our amazement a 16 year old player has been “tapped up” by a club I decline to name. This is another case in the recent trend of clubs signing in very young players. I doubt any transfer “bungs” were involved in this deal. 😈

Gah! I am allergic to something and I don’t know what it is. Suffer..

It’s embarassing. I’m embarassing. If you know me well enough, I am known to do or say stupid things at all the wrong moments. I did it again. My risk-seeking subconscious mind really has a wicked sense of humour.

But it’s ok. Dare to fail! I told someone today to not be afraid of making mistakes. If we are, we’ll never go far. Sometimes we just need to have some thick skin and get on with life. I wish someone could have told me that last time.

I think I am also irritating. I know it. Sorry guys. I promise not to bother each of you that much. Sigh..

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