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Blinqué™ says (9:20 PM):
wanna go baskin robbins? says (9:21 PM):
Blinqué™ says (9:21 PM):
31% says (9:21 PM):
ooo packed one wo
can oso 😛

Blinqué™ says (9:22 PM):
quick quick

– PatrickW – says:
havent bathe yet
Blinqué™ says:
screw bathe la
Blinqué™ says:
its gonna be damn packed there
Blinqué™ says:
u’ll be sweaty at the end
– PatrickW – says:
dont want la
– PatrickW – says:
just came back from taipan
– PatrickW – says:
jam like hell says (9:24 PM):
tell him 945 la
Blinqué™ says (9:24 PM):
he dun wan
Blinqué™ says (9:25 PM):
– PatrickW – says:
you guys go ahead and buy one for me
i asking alle to call him
works better :p says (9:26 PM):
ok la lets go now
sure dman jam
Blinqué™ says (9:26 PM):
wait calling pat first
the guy damn woman says (9:26 PM):
he ll take at least 20 mins la
pat <> now

Alvin Chan: he explain fly here fly there one
Wong Tuck Loon: biasala
Wong Tuck Loon: god is like that 1
Alvin Chan: ..

I have been attending training and will be working normal hours this whole week. It has been more than half a year I haven’t been stuck in the morning jam and I don’t miss it at all! Less sleep, more stress, shorter temper, longer days… zzzzz..

Training = Mind Twist

Yes, look at the picture carefully. That’s me.

KFC before futsal = Stomach Twist

Yet.. I can’t resist … can’t fight it.. lol!

Today I woke up early to go to the graveyard with my extended family to pay respects to my grandparents (father’s side). I have not done that in a long time. I am happy I was not ignorant this time. Oh Uncle Chew’s grave was there too.

Looking at their graves inject a dose of badly needed reality back into my life. The reality of responsibilities. When the time comes, I will not be able to bounce around freely like now.

I think my dad is already supposed to go for some operation for a lump on his neck. He is also very busy wearing out his body trying to be a hero.

Today is also Easter Sunday: the day Jesus is resurrected after being “dead” for 3 days since Good Friday. Good service / vid at church.

Today Liverpool also died. Mascherano and Reina sot jor.

Uh.. gtg.. Chelsea playing =.=

a couple of posts from a couple of blogs which always make me laugh 😀

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