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I am getting pretty sick of that Apologize song. Uncle has been playing it over and over again. It’s almost like that time he kept playing Michael Buble and Janice Vidal, only that now it is just one song. All the time. Wonder if he is feeling guilty for anything 😛

Work has been pretty mad lately, with so many things happening at once. The worst thing is when I don’t know what I am doing. There’s just so much to learn, and sometimes I wonder if I am wasting my time trying to learn it all. See how.. see how..

Project lunch yesterday was also mad. We went all the way to Kelana Seafood which charges stupid rates for so-so food. But you know what I say: “The best food is free food”. We really stuffed ourselves with seafood and got back pretty late 😛 Luckily EngSwee was as gracious as ever 😀

Many of us have taken a lot of shit this week.

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

Linkin Park – In The End

I hope everyone survives.

Here are some movies I watched recently..

I AM LEGEND a.k.a. I am Will Smith a.k.a. Ayam Legenda

A great movie showcasing the sublime talents of a certain Will Smith. It is better if you didn’t know much about the story before watching it. It sort of a mix of Castaway and Resident Evil. Not everyone will enjoy this movie but it’s certainly a hit for most, including myself.


Oops! That’s the French poster. Definitely not my idea to watch this movie 😛 but I guess you can say it is a decent Disney movie which appeals to females/children more than the likes of myself. I am just not happy about the values they try to sell, i.e.: a steady 5 year couple breaking up over a whim or two….


Another movie I didn’t know anything about, until JW gave me a surprise call to watch it on Saturday morning. Again, it is not a movie you should know much about before watching it. Also it will not be enjoyed by everyone but excellent in my books. It’s kind of a mashup between Godzilla and The Blair Witch Project. Totally awesome. Odette Yustman.. mmmmm…

But the movie which inspired this long due post, which touched my heart last night is the year 2003’s One Piece’s 4th movie : Dead End Adventure. A good way to be introduced into the One Piece universe, this movie absolutely blows away the previous 3 mediocre movies. It also inspired me to watch more One Piece anime, after being stuck at chapter #143 and getting sick of fillers. Btw, the latest is #342..

It is just too bad it doesn’t show case much of the other crew members’ talents. Well you couldn’t ask for too much from just a movie right? Time to go on to #144 …

Skypiea here we come!

At the beginning of the year, I can see that many of my friends set out on a mission impossible = lose weight. I must admit that I have been “trying my best” to do so too. But it is hard when you have friends that bring you to places like Tuck Kee in Kepong for dim sum in the middle of the night, and colleagues who love to go to Steven’s Corner for the banana leaf rice 😀

Here are some links of last week, which I was too busy to post..

Site of last week : Dotsub – great learning tool.. esp for the undeveloped countries

Confession of last week: Married man: ‘I slept with 13 women this week’
Jolcy: “B******”, Willy: “Very smart” .. LOL

Picture of last week: Blending In

Football gossip of last week (from BBC):

Former Chelsea striker Mateja Kezman has revealed he wants to become a monk. He says he spends as much time thinking about God as he can and claims that his only vice is tattoos, but is becoming less obsessed with them thanks to the Lord’s help. (The Sun)

Touching story of last week: An LFC letter from Singapore

I finally registered to vote this morning, thanks to my mom’s best efforts to tell me, in Russell Peters terms, to “be a man, do the right thing”.

Let’s relive the classic.

2 random thoughts on my mind when driving this morning.

  1. I don’t like waiting very much. I’d be on the move.. rather drive one big round, than be stuck in a stupid place.
  2. I am kiasu in a different way. I think most ppl want to be better than everyone else maybe to prove a point to someone, or themselves.. Or maybe to be able to boast to others..
    I have a bit of that, but I guess I am kiasu in a chaotic good kinda way .. haha..

Goal of THIS week : Stevie G’s hattrick goal against Luton

*{ OLD

I can feel it. They don’t like me too much anymore. Well I can’t help that I am experienced in this. I know this is not from a conscious intent of my own, yet it is another result of my actions/choices. I did make stupid mistakes, but I never meant to cross them.

Things get blown out of proportion as they always do, especially when they travel by word of mouth. Again, this is not new to me. Ppl believe what they want to, whatever makes it easier for them to act/believe/understand.

Those who know me well know that I am a master of bad impressions. There are some weaknesses in me that I loathe, yet I gladly accept that a “good image” is not something I care too much about. That’s a total opposite to what some ppl expect of me, but that’s another story for another day.

*} OLD

I spoke to a friend a few days back. A few ppl told him he’s changed. He agreed, and told me that’s called maturity.

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