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Happy New Year to everyone. Started the year with a big BANG.. Houston, we have a problem. Days without incident : 0

Hilarious jackpro video.  Your patience will surely be rewarded. Believe it or not, I actually bought this =.=

20 minutes of football madness from 2009

Now if he puts it like THAT..

GreekLeague love their flares – they are MAD

Self photobomb

It’s a frap!

She will do Pn Poh proud

Dubai Has Always Been Bankrupt — Morally and Environmentally

I think I know someone who looks like this too

Double talk: Roberto Mancini on drugs, women and Carlo Ancelotti

Classic: Calvin & Hobbes’ Snowman House of Horror

Just because I work in the IT industry, I know what’s wrong with your computer

Youth camp was great! Thoroughly enjoyed the Joshua Liong’s messages. Learning to live with certain things, and to keep focus..

If ’00 Movies Were Made in Other Decades

Man and two sons die in burning van after crash

Something I wish technology could do:


RM 5K tournament tomorrow. Had been gearing up for that. In my head 😛 Did not really have the time to practice .. haha.. oh well.. hoping for the best!

Have a lot of R&D to do for work outside office hours. Will be extremely busy. Just when I was going to get some work done today, the office was broken into last night. Servers are all taken @@ So sad for the company. 2nd time already!! At least I have some free time to relax today.. Time to unwind..

25 Extreme Examples of laziness – I did not come out with this 😛

The Boss will never know. – Nice!

Top 10 Disney Controversies – the problem of diversity

Woman sets ‘dos and don’ts’ for daughter’s boyfriend – poor guy put in a spot

Good to iron out some things long running.

The recent Derby D’Italia got frisky (Videos!)



Dexter Facebook page

I am glad to have a friend who understands. Not often I am able to let everything out for analysis. Problem diagnostics complete. Determining future strategies..

Is it the time to be greedy while I can?

Are there any moral implications?

There is a proven track record which doesn’t count for naught. But is it ‘safe’ , but how long more until it’s a mature prospect?

Do I want to strike the metal while it is hot? Or let things play along  a while first?

Currently market is looking good.. but who can tell what risk the future will bring? I am willing to take the risk?

Am I punching above my weight? Am I even ready to go into the market?

Hope to find some answers tonight as I meet another friend to knock some cents into me 🙂

I can’t believe I missed that shot the way I did. It wasn’t just embarrassing, it was worse than a slap to my face. ARGH!!! Need to work on a few things..

Meanwhile, let me amuse myself (and hopefully yourself) with..

Everything men know about women

Bacon Bacon Bacon !!! (why bacon is better than love)

8 ways to prepare your pets for war

My hamsters are making a LOT of noise. Squeaking all night. I am not sure if they are playing, or fighting. No one seems injured. Just in case they attack me ..

When hamsters attack

Jennifer Lopez Interview & Skit on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Part 1) Dec 3, 2009

Those New Facebook Suggestions Are Getting Out of Hand

Taking a break…

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