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Why Computers Must be Male/Female

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Because we don’t already have enough fried foods..
We do?

Someone just said that I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years. It’s been so long and I didn’t even realize that. Wow! 3 years of rubbish!! It’s also noticed that you guys still don’t know very much about me. Good point. I guess you have to know me better in real life to know what in the world I am talking about. So what are you waiting for? Hehe!

Some touches.. are magical. It’s just the way you touch .. like how Zlatan does. What a goal!! Below are the highlights of the recent Milan derby.

AC Milan 3 – Inter Milan 4

Happy birthday Geri and HAPPY Rachel! 😀

Aye, I am enchanted by the mystical magic of Ireland! Listening to The Cranberries‘ Stars. Lots of good stuff (pop) come from the Republic of Ireland. The Corrs and Enya are examples of such. It’s pretty sad that traditional music aside, the Irish spring of music seem to be drying up.

The Irish obsession continues today on the silver screen. I watched The Departed, which is a remake of the classic Chinese movie Infernal Affairs. If you have watched Infernal Affairs, I suggest you stay away from this one. I didn’t like it very much, if at all. It’s mainly because of my familiarity with the HongKong triads in the original as opposed to the Boston Irish mob setting.

Regardless, I think the movie’s main failure is recapturing the compassion I had for the “bad guys”. Here they were ruthless and deserved to die so to speak. But in the original, they fought with each other for each other and most of the touching scenes revolve around them. Just my RM0.02. Oh, and don’t watch it in the cinema.. up to almost 30 minutes of inappropriate material was censored!

Being the minority sucks because your opinion doesn’t count for much in midst of the majority. However if your view is welcome because you are the minority, you’d really appreciate that. It’s not like you go around playing the minority to be irritating or attention grabing, do you?

Much has been made of Liverpool’s recent slump. It’s so stupid! Why is everything so over-sensationalized? I can imagine how tough life could be living under the microscope. Anyway it’s good that they moved one step in the right direction beating the previously unbeaten Aston Villa. Hurray! Aaliyah sings 3K style, “If at first you don’t succeed, TLLM and try again.”

I envy her. She was cast in a bad light. There has been quite a bit of gossip, and unscrupulous comments were made. But the good thing is that people care for her and took the time to make sure she was ok. They stood up for her and defended her. They pointed out each other’s mistakes. I wish I had that when I was in that situation.

When it ended, it is indeed true that it was for the best. It’s just.. the way many things were done could have been much better.

Football’s Right Riveting Read
Maybe I should write a book someday

Rapper Shows Off His Two Affordable and Practical Vehicles on “MTV Cribs”
Respect the man.

Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional
Good stuff! Geeks only

I had zilch to do the whole day and they just had to give me work when it’s almost time to go home. TWO different things to look at even! Don’t you just love work? Haha! I have to say I do.

South Park is really good. Too bad it’s not suitable for all audiences. But I think the following video is. I present to you : South Park.. Reloaded.

You guys know how I like to plan, how I want to see the big picture before doing things. I want to know the point of myself doing something before doing anything.

I can’t believe I did that.

I can’t believe I did that.

I can’t believe I did that.

Maybe I’ve learnt something, that sometimes we just have to act upon our instincts first? “Playing by ear” is such a loosely used term, which can be seen as being lazy and irresponsible. But we do have to play by ear sometime or another. We have to strike the iron while it’s hot. After all, timing is everything.

Even so, I definitely made a mess of the timing. Accidents are never planned, yet their effects can be so .. deadly. I just can’t believe I did that.

I found it hard to control myself from bursting out in laughter in the office when I saw this picture!

Toddler gets stuck in vending machine
So cute!

Sexomaniacs puzzle medical researchers

Is the premiership a turn-off?
It is.

The new FTZ cc at asia cafe is like dota-heaven. Everything from the PC to the chair is quality and readily available at an extremely cheap rate. The only problem is my noobness. Can’t keep up with youngsters nowadays. Still fun though.

Going to work this week rocks. I get to wear casual clothes, the journey to work is only 15 minutes, work starts at 9, 2 hour lunches, and there’s no boss! Joanne passed me 4 CDs of her mp3s and I have loads of good music in my hands. I even brought anime to office to watch.

Just before 5.30pm I was in the middle of watching the classic South Park episode on Tom Cruise and Scientology when SiewWei tapped me on the arm and asked me if I knew they could hear what I was listening to. Like THEY CAN HEAR WHAT I’M LISTENING TO and she only tells me this after 2 days???!?!?

I was watching South Park!!


YOU *******!!

Just in case you didn’t grasp the gravity of the situtation, Jon Moo who sat right in front earlier complained that he was irritated by some loud music at the back. I didn’t know it was me. I didn’t know where to put my face.

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