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She had something like “YEAY~~~~! IT’S FRIDAY” on her personal message thingy on MSN.

Rach says (9:01 AM):
ok ok… change redi! πŸ˜› yah i know… so sad…
the saving grave is that this week is only 4 days of work! says (9:02 AM):

Don’t watch Epic Movie! I don’t know how it got to the top of the US movie charts. The ratings for it are pretty bad. I guess most ppl, including myself, were fooled by its brilliant trailer. The worst part is it only lasted just a little over an hour. What a waste of money + time.

I saw a Secret Recipe Pikachu chocolate banana cake for the first time. It was Zane’s cake. Kids nowadays get the best of everything!

Had some delicious Klang seafood for dinner last night with some colleagues. I salute this fly. Just when our vegetables were served, this hero flew straight into it.. and died.

It’ Saturday! and I am at work. I get to earn a little extra money.. but I broke my watch in the morning. Uh.. says (10:10 AM):
hows work this morning
chΔ‚r says (10:10 AM):
im not working leh…
well…i didnt intend to

Started watching Heroes at the office. Leeched from YewWing. It’s the #1 thing to do during “self-study” here next to the Chinese show the others are watching. Just exactly what do we do at work again? HAHA!

I have also been watching Black Lagoon for some time already. It’s another of Wilson’s recommendations. I like its highly original theme and characters. But it’s not an anime for everyone. Only touch it if you are a 18+ guy. Don’t worry, there’s no hentai in there.

RTK: Flag Gallery [ Part-One | Part-Two ]

You can choose your friends.. but you can’t choose your family
– very.. informative.. LOL Terry!

I was one of the (un)lucky three who got tagged by Shaolin Shalyn to come up with my top five favourite movies. I used to daydream a lot when I was a kid, and I still do it a little nowadays. I’ll share with you 5 movies which blew my mind and fueled my imagination when a naughty punk. So in no particular order, we have..

  1. Aces Go Places 1, 2, 3
  2. A very clever movie. The bad guys are cool, the good guys are hilarious, the botak guy is a joker. Loved the song too.

  3. Disney Classics – ie: Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Lion King
  4. Every kid loves these movies. However I never had much of a chance to watch them. Except for the rare visits to my cousins’ place at Melaka.

  5. Star Wars 1, 2, 3
  6. Ah the first of the inter galactic battles. There’s even a certain power of the Force. Brought my imagination to new heights. The games from the movie which I saw Alvin Ong playing were one of the coolest!

  7. Excalibur
  8. I am not sure if this is the exact show I am referring to. It’s one of those Dunhill Double classics which intensified my fascination with “magic” and knights.

  9. Terminator 1, 2
  10. Cyborgs from the future wrecking havoc and putting puny humans in their place. I don’t know how much better it can get.

– Zenith β„’ says (10:00 AM):
some of the annual dinner pics so scary

Indeed. Those pics can be found here (click!). Check out the close-ups. *shudders* Last Friday was my company’s annual dinner at the Renaissance Hotel which I didn’t attend. Some of them only got back at 5 in the morning!

I was thinking.. maybe I rush things too much. I know I irritate many ppl when I rush. Everyone else is just so.. slow. I am not kiasu, just.. driven. Well there are the times when I procrastinante.. but I still get things done on time. Yes I want and like to get things done.. well.. on time! I absolutely hate waiting. And I can’t stand making others wait too.

I guess I got my answer today. I was rushing again.. and got myself in an accident. I hit another car. I paid RM150 to settle the other car’s damages. Thanks Erik for the consultation. The bill for my car will come tomorrow evening. A perfect start to 2007.

A gigantic chocolate chip cashewnut cookie made me feel much better. This video here helped a little too. The “worst woman driver ever”..

Arsenal 2 – Manchester United 1

What a cracking game! Quite a number of Man Utd fans were thanking Liverpool for beating Chelsea through me. But I was supporting Arsenal for this one. I guess it was pretty frustrating to be a Man Utd supporter last night when the game was lost in the last 10 minutes. My wicked sense of humour got the better of me and I smsed some MU supporting friends to get some pretty amusing responses πŸ˜‰

The price of watching the game was pretty high. I felt like dying most of today. My brain just didn’t want to wake up. I better get some sleep soon.

The fantastic Soccerpulse forums alerted me to this Skysports programme on Steven Gerrrard done last summer. He is indeed an exemplary character as a father, friend, and captain of Liverpool Football Club. My admiration for him went up a few notches after watching that. What a guy!

Steven Gerrard – A Year In My Life [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ]

“Talent is fantastic, but on its own, is never enough.”
A quote from a from the wonderful article on the Tim Vickery Column this week.

Comic relief – Capello’s Problems with Cassano, Beckham, Ronaldo

It was a disaster. A total catastrophe. I really made a hash out of the whole thing. Only 1 survived. I am amazed how it did. Oh well, I guess guys like me are just hopeless in these things.

I pay tribute to that survivor.

If a picture paints a thousand words,
then why can’t I paint you?

– “If“, David Gates

That’s cos I can’t even paint to save my life.

Listening to the magical Sunday night oldies on

dream a little dream of me..

they all laughed..

bewitched, bothered, and bewildered..

fly me to the moon..

taking a chance on love..

cheek to cheek.. – A Chinese Adidas fansite with lots of great content. Check out the media centre. You don’t have to understand Chinese for this one.

Pikachu made my week. Seriously! On Thursday morning, we were driving on the LDP as usual. We passed a garbage truck. A dirty half-black giant Pikachu plush toy was hanging right on top of the back of the truck. If it isn’t the cutest thing! I’d have taken a pic if I wasn’t laughing so hard. Joanne brought us pumpkin cake for us all on that morning too *slurp* *slurp*

To make sure we are really poor. We went to San Francisco steakhouse on Friday for lunch instead of the “usual” Kim Gary. The food and the service isn’t that great. The Summit branch is still a class above the rest. After that, confirm! We are poor.

And to squeeze every last penny from my wallet, I went to Paddington’s house of pancakes (loved the site) on Saturday too. HAHA!! Fatty ><

Attended Ah Sung’s wedding on Saturday. Time flies. Wonder who amongst us will wed first? It’ll be interesting! Anyway Chinese weddings just aren’t my thing. Wasted a whole day there. At least the food is good. I was tortured by my cute little cousins the whole day. I like how ppl nickname their babies. “Destroyer” and “Little Devil” stands out amongst the rest.

Liverpool 2 – Chelsea 0. Poor Chelsea has no center-halves. This is when we can take advantage of that and we accepted it with both hands. Didn’t watch it because of the wedding but I heard more than enough about it. Great goal by Pennant and nutmeg by Drogba (below) .. kekekeke!

The different definitions of “gay” by the homophobic me.

The usual usage – homosexual

ie. When walking in Carrefour, Shan’s hand accidentally brushed mine. He called me gay for trying to hold his hand.

When used in games – overpowered, cheating, wicked, kiasu, Chelsea

ie. Goldwind exploiting imbalanced overly powerful heroes in DOTA is a gay tactic.

When used on style/dressing – acting cute, tight, earring on wrong ear, pink

ie. Nowadays Chuen wears pretty gay sometimes.

When used to scold ppl – for fun!

ie. JW is gay.

Met Goldwind today. He didn’t even tell me yesterday was his bday! I just found out a few mins ago. Ish.. nvm, nxt time treat him. Got lost again in Cheras/KL after sending him home. At least it wasn’t pouring like the previous time and I didn’t get lost for long. It was a long journey back. It made me wonder how in the world I managed to drive to Desa Petaling almost every week in 2005 @@

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