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Got a copy of All Saints‘ All Hits album. Made me feel like I am in secondary school again.

Whack Your Soulmate! – I like the shoes one (warning: extreme graphic violence)

LOLCODE – (geek) some nbtd ppl are trying to come out with a programming language inspired by icanhascheezburger ..

The USJ11 burger store’s burger has improved. Had it last night and it was awesome. The woman documented this morning’s quest for sausage mcmuffin pretty well. Then guess where we went for lunch? McD again! I am turning into a burger.

SzeTeng brought back some flavoured dried meat from HK. These small packs of dried meat are in original, satay, isoyaki, fruit juice (!), garlic and spicy flavours. They taste pretty good too.. except for the fruit juice one which was kinda weird..

I can’t believe I forgot all I’ve learned. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how you play the game.. It’s time to do some revision.

Muppets anyone?


Checked the Mandy’s restaurant out last night, as recommended by the USJ-Subang Food Hunter. It’s next to Guardian, nearby Babyland on the LG floor of Summit. My family liked the food. The prices were pretty good too, especially the teriyaki grilled chicken rice. I don’t really like the owner though.. he was a little sour faced. But it wasn’t a problem as we all enjoyed the meal. Overall : pass.

Caught Next on Friday night. The ability to look 2 minutes in the future is very cool. Think of all the things you could do.. But I think they overdid that part a bit. It does not make you Superman. All in all it’s still a good watch and worth my RM10.

I am not someone who likes to be dominant in a team/group. I like to help everyone play their part individually. My strength is to help others perform better. When the group is not doing well, it can be tempting to take things by the scruff of the neck and push everyone over the finish line. But I think it’s against my nature to do that, not for the lack of a competitive spirit. At least everyone are involved and we can lose as a team.

THIS IS SPARTAAAAaaaaaaaaa !!!

I don’t have enough sleep (as usual). Woke up extra early today to chase 2 guys wearing pyjamas in Taipan to get my free Sausage McMuffin. Probably gonna chase them again next week.

Finally get to eat my fill at the Kokok restaurant in KL. It was pretty good, but I don’t think it’s worth going there again anytime soon. It’s not the food, it’s just that I have been a little spoiled with so much good Chinese food around. Hehe! A big tq to Markie for giving me the ride.

Time to diet. Badminton 10am!

If you are into cool slow-mo jap stuffs..

Yes this is the time when I will surely blog : after a big match when I can’t sleep either from a painful defeat or a ecstatic victory. Unfortunately this time it’s the painful defeat. But it isn’t that painful, I am proud of the team and they tried their darnest..

It’s weird I don’t have much feelings for the big matches. Few ppl asked me why I wasn’t really moved by the Liverpool’s previous win 2 years ago. I guess it never sank in. It was too surreal. I think I can start my real life career as a football manager now. It’ll definitely pay better.

Watched the game with William. He is one funny joker and I love his wise cracks. LOL! I also had a healthy discussion with KY online. It’s nice to exchange opinions and banter with other ppl with an open mind. It was just a welcome relief from some ppl who always try to impress their opinions upon you and some who even act like they are always right. Sigh. No I am not referring to anyone who reads this.. I think.. Haha! 😛

Phosphor Beta 1 – 90% CS and 10% Quake combined in a super flash game! Warning : long loading time due to high level of detail. Network multiplayer mode available too. I am very impressed.

Am I pressing the panic button too fast? The worst part is I don’t even know if pressing it will do anything. No harm trying? Hopefully it won’t accelerate my doom instead.

Everything will be settled on that day. If all goes well, the panic button will give me sufficient leverage or a better path. The countdown to showdown begins.


On a separate note, I think I am giving in more and more of myself. Losing a little of myself every time. I have gotten sick of fighting the battle, especially when even each victory comes at a price. Who is right, or wrong? Will the enemy put what I gave to good use?

Watched the Heroes finale just hours after it was aired in Canada yesterday.. thanks to our friendly neighbourhood Pirate King again. Lol! I thought this episode would bring some closure to the whole series, which I thought was pretty draggy overall. Unfortunately even after the ending, it only poses more questions.. Season 2 is only in September. I hate draggy shows, yet I can’t help but watch them once I start ><

Yesterday we saw the return of Ghaly. After more than a year away from playing football, he finally found and put on his pair of shoes last night. He scored some goals too. Hurray! It’s nice when everyone has fun 🙂 Pat wasn’t there. He’s in UK for a whole 2 weeks! I can’t help but envy him, but I guess he earned that break after working hard offshore. I hope he gets the Liverpool jersey I want!

Speaking of footie, there’s more football tonight. I dedicate the whole of tomorrow to the Champions League final against Liverpool and AC Milan. I took a day off to celebrate if they win, or cry if they lose. There’s always Kokok tomorrow night for consolation 8)

The Starcraft 2 gameplay demo movie really wow-ed me. Check it out at the movies section. It made me feel like playing the original Starcraft and Brood War again. No wonder Andrew asked me for the CDs. I guess I won’t be able to play the new game until I get a new pc. Any sponsors?

USJ-Subang Food hunter – Hoh Jiak..! – I found this great food thread when searching for good Subang/USJ food. Check it out yourself!

Another locally made video on ScreamyX.. nothing new.. but still amuses some ppl..

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