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What do most ppl think of Jamie Carragher?

Many perceive him as a typical aggressive defender, all brawn and just enough brains to do the job. Well I am currently reading his autobiography, and he breaks out of the stereotype being a virtual walking football encyclopedia and having an astute footballing mind.

The book is deemed controversial for his rather honest take on his aggressive nature.. a little like the Roy Keane autobiography. I think much of the book outlines his passion and determination for the things he believes in. I highly respect and can emphatise with his views on quite a few things but don’t really agree with everything that is written.

What I found most interesting is how he transformed from a teacher’s worst nightmare to a model professional and family man.. despite the occasional red mist. How he sees life in a different light after significant events in his life.. which I shall not spoil in case you are going to read the book.

Got me thinking a bit too, about what I am doing with my life. Oh that also happened when I read the Monk and the Riddle, a book I borrowed from Uncle Kha Loon. Not a usual book I will read but I think I understood most of it with my limited knowledge of how business works in the US.

Well I guess I am slowly solving the riddle myself. Trying to maximize what I have of the limited time we all have with one another.

I hate jetlag.

We are always guilty of making ourselves feel better at other ppl’s expense, whether we realize it or not. We often fulfill our own desires first, before even thinking about others. We see what we want to see, we feel what we want to feel. An unfair trade, no?

This might happen when we are too focused on our tasks, work, targets, ambitions, that we forget the importance of the ppl around us. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey of getting there. I should tell myself that more often.

Here’s to remembering what’s important, what matters, what counts, so we won’t be blind to everyone in our everyday life.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, get help with this. lol

Spent the whole night watching most of the second season of Dexter.

Always an engaging show. That’s 4 hours on my bum. Urgh.

This new season takes on a more personal take on his life, and rediscovering himself. Can’t help but somehow emphatize and relate to his.. problems. Well it’s not a good thing that you can relate to a serial killer. So stay clear of me 😛

Found from Kelveen’s blog that the subs for the 2nd Bleach movie is out. Downloaded!

Also.. this is for fans of Death Note, and Spongebob Squarepants. Simply brilliant!! I present to you… Deathsponge Notepants.

If that tickles your fancy, there are a few more episodes of those on Youtube. Cheers!

PS: Liverpool won ><

I was surfing for an Invasion poster in Peter Parker’s room and I stumbled upon this crazy forum thread.

It has Spiderman, Magic, and Spamalot.. it’s hilarious enough to make me post something here. Too bad not many who read this get all 3 of those things..


flobots – handlebars

Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla

not bad for a band who sings gibberish!!

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