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What an exhausting day. Giving training is so much harder than it sounds. Especially programming training. Stressed out today. Halfway through. Hope I will survive.

Furthermore, it rained earlier today and caused the jams which delayed the stork. It came to pick up the money to deliver my baby in about a couple of weeks time. Can’t wait for it to arrive 😀

At least I ended the evening with some superb food. Tried the Pooi Kia endorsed nasi goreng kambing at Canai Cafe a.k.a. Canai & Such a.k.a. Ravi’s Corner. The fried rice there is generally nice. It even got past the hometown-biased critisism of foodho. However, the tom yam and roti bom failed miserably. Counter terrorist win. Will post pix in Facebook.

I really need to diet/exercise. Sneaked away from the girls at lunch time and went to eat with the guys at the Section 14 / Paramount char siew as recommended by Jonny. It is like 80% FAT and just tastes.. so.. gooooood… Not to mention the extra char siew last night with our wan tan mee at Jln Tun Razak which Kenny always wanted to try. All this food is going to kill me someday. Seriously..

Oh played futsal at KLCC for the first time yesterday. Kenny brought me and Pat in for the game. The facilities there are so good, it’s a very tempting place to work. But simply not worth the hassle of getting up at 6am every morning and coming home well past dark. Even with the extra pay.

Ah well. I need to rest my burnt out mind, body, and stomach now.

i am just a leaf
tossed about in the wind
brought away by the stream

i do what i can
to bring me where i want to go
to do what i feel is best

but i am just a leaf

One Piece Ending 17

The song is so-so, but the video is very meaningful if you follow the series. Turn behind, your friends are right there.

This is Seether’s rock cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”. Heard it on radio this morning and thought it was awesome. Emo.

Have been on the prowl for fresh sources of material, after the old sources dried up. Found another gem of a football site .. Dirty Tackle

I love this vid of a testimonial match by Roma for Vincent Candela. Truly EPIC!

They threw me lemons. Thankfully I got reminded to try and make some lemonade. Hope it tastes good.

But I went all the way there just to have orange juice. Let’s see if I have to go somewhere else to get the orange juice I crave.

Have to work on my lemonade mix.

Got this somewhere on the net:

1. Take out the seeds.

2. Start a lemon tree farm.

3. Build a lemonade factory.

4. Go public in five years.

5. Then retire to Pismo Beach

where youcan go to the beach,

sleep, wakeup, laugh and

go back to sleep!

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