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Caught Wild Hogs today. Although the critic’s reviews weren’t good for the movie, the users reviews were pretty good. It’s actually quite entertaining and worth a watch.

Did the following quizes at the noodleshop.

  1. Super Hero Quiz
  2. Super Villain Quiz

I am 75% the Flash and 62% the Joker. Woo hoo! But I don’t like the Joker.. I prefer the next closest match. Venom! Spiderman 3 will be interesting. I just found out today that the 2005 Venom movie was not about the comic Venom. I almost watched it presuming otherwise. Haha!

I had KFC twice for dinner in as many days. Satisfaction. I noticed the Summit KFC’s chicken is better than its Taipan/USJ10 counterpart. Stupid also mentioned that the rice is not bad. Tempted to check it out some time.. but I think I had enough KFC to last me a month.

Uh I terasa. Why didn’t anyone call me? First there was the party which I didn’t know anything about. I was even asked for someone else’s phone number =.= Then there was the yummy dinner. ARGH!! >.<

… joy in serving | not taking it seriously …A recent Al-Jazeera’s Every Woman program covering apostasy in Malaysia. Tq U KB.

Check that post out! Hilarious!!!!!! 9 pages (as of now) of goodness..

Here are a few of my favourites. Many more to be found there. Be sure to login, else you have to click 1 by 1. Feel free to contribute 😀

LOL! Many more to be found in the post (including some rather crude ones)


Some ppl just like to talk. Some like to complain. Some like to be like someone else..

But they don’t want to do anything about it. They don’t want to work hard to change their current situation. They just want to talk, to complain, to wonder why they weren’t bless with certain God given talents.. or more wealth.. or whatever. That’s too easy.

Even the talented have to work hard to reach their potential. Even the rich have to work hard to maintain their financial status. Even the beautiful have to make a certain effort to stay beautiful.

But some ppl just talk.

It’s just something that’s been irritating me.

wahahaha! Got this from YW. This girl is so gonna kick my assk. Everybody loves kids.

Heroes is finally back after a long 7 week hiatus. I managed to get my hands (or eyes) on it and it only made me thirst for more! All this have been made possible by Heropedia YewWing and Pirate King ShadowCaster. Hurray!

I got Charlene’s car clamped. 😳 I’ve been making a fuss out of her buying the parking tickets as I thought it was troublesome to get them and then claim for them. I haven’t displayed my season parking paper for a long time anyway and haven’t gotten clamped myself. She was just the unlucky one .. on the day she decided not to buy the ticket, she got clamped.

Not happy enough to go lucky, and not brave to enough to be receive fortune’s favour.. !

I had to trouble countless ppl to help me settle my income tax. I am lousy in all these things, and the price of my ignorance/bliss had to be paid by someone else. I value everyone’s help in getting me there. Arigato gozaimasu. Until next year.. says (11:27 AM):
shit torres out 4 weeks
McBlinqué says (11:27 AM):
i accidentally copied ur msg n email to my colleage
McBlinqué says (11:28 AM):
now she msg me ask what is torres

Indian Thriller with English subtitles. ROTFLMAO!! Watch this 😆

We had a Dominos fest in office last week. That’s to celebrate all the Jan – May babies. We even had a yummy Secret Recipe cake. Kudos to the BCC (birthday celebration committee), headed by guaisaujai, for putting this whole thing together. One thing is for sure.. after this, I am not planning to have pizza for a long long time. Pic courtesy of jolcy (hpy bdy!).

3 guys, 4 girls and 1 goldfish went to Melaka last Saturday. Will post on that later 🙂

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