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My brains are rotting in the office. In the jams too. Let this phase pass quickly.

Was reading new material online and found a few good football articles and vids. Below is my favourite article, especially the part he talks about women’s driving. LOL!

Arshavin speaks his mind: Outspoken Arsenal star on ‘scary’ Wenger, the United ‘machines’ and ‘boring’ Chelsea

And below is my favourite video. Football can make the lame walk again.

Walls are irritating. They are irritating in all shapes and form, in every scenario and possibility. I don’t know why people like to build walls around themselves. Where else everyone is working towards a world without boundaries.

But then again I realize I have my own walls. Invisible walls. Tall and thick ones too. Put there by my own deficiencies. Is it just human to have those walls?

It’s just so hard to break them down. Hopefully everyone can help each other to break these walls down over time. Check out your wall 😛

Torres bounce by fans locked in OT lol!

“your love.. is better than ice cream..”

love this song 😀

Uploaded 4 albums of pictures onto Facebook in the past week. 1 more album pending. Yes I took that many in since December, mostly photos of my trip to Macau. It was good fun reliving those wonderful memories. Too bad for the picture quality..

lousy camera phone + lousier photograper = FIAL

I am not even sure if it’s the caffeine 😦

My terms in Glenmarie is ending this week. I will miss the distance, or rather, the lack of distance to my workplace. I will also miss the great teammates I worked with for the past couple of months. Hope to work with them again in the future 🙂 Lets’ see what the next step brings.

Hope my body won’t suffer next week..

You may have heard the original on the radio. But this acoustic version keeps playing in my head.

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