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SOMEONE kept saying I haven’t updated this in a while.

Was in my car that day and heard this song. Those twins again… Separate context though. Funny how life plays tricks on you sometimes -_-

What’s worse than stewpeedeetee is when they try to cover up with more of the same -_-! I need air.. Thank you dear abandoned blog..

World Cup is like Valentines Day. People getting over excited once in a while over something they can easily find most of the time. I come back home to my mom watching the Germany – Argentina game while my dad is sleeping upstairs. What is the world coming to?

Done a fair bit of traveling today. All that pent up energy being released at the end of the day really got my brain juices flowing.. I am on a roll!!

Speaking of Valentine’s, here’s my new fav artiste Kina Grannis in a superb vid singing a stupendous song: Valentine..

Kudos to jonnyboy for the spot!

I remember that word. I just used that word, and it triggered memories long forgotten.

I got a letter. It was awkward. I think the word applied more to the sender, rather than to myself!


Went for my grandma’s funeral this week. May she rest in peace. It was a good family time. Spent quite a lot of time with family this week. Immediate and both sides of the extended family.  Something I should do more often. Added a few more “friends” to Facebook!

In our busy lives nowadays, it’s hard to see busy working people my age spending time with family. Some of them even take their families for granted, after all their parents done for them. Some even admit they are “selfish bastards”. But who am I to judge them? It’s just.. sad.

There is no perfect family. We have all been misled by the stupid TV that families should be like this.. or like that.. We tend to have certain unrealistic expectations of our family. They are just human, and are screwed up like every single one of us as well. Have a little grace please, and contribute.. It takes everyone’s hard work to make a better home for all.

But I have seen my share of wonderful families as well 😀

Family dinner tonight will be yummy 🙂 Rakuzen FTW!

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