There I was at my desk figuring out the design of the program when I had to call the Boss. The office was quite noisy, so I might as well go out to the corridors.

My nose was running most of the afternoon and my tissue box was empty, so I might as well make the call downstairs and then get the a tissue box from my car later.

After the call I was near the cafeteria, so I might as well get some snacks. Then I realized my wallet was empty, which also resulted in a rather embarrassing situation when I went out for lunch with no money. Lucky thing Uncle was there to bail me.

Since I am going to the car to take the tissue box, I might as well go to Maybank which is just a minute’s drive away. I didn’t realize that the ATM machine was still out of service until it was too late. I went to withdraw money from the same stupid machine in the noon, and it made me wait a good 5 minutes loading its IBM OS/2 when I was already late for work. When it finally loaded, it showed the out of service screen..

Not to be undone, I might as well drive over to Petronas to withdraw money. When I did, I realized that I wasn’t going to have time for dinner later, so I might as well go to McD next door for some food.

When I got my Fillet O Fish value meal, I might as well get an ice cream cone.

And that’s how I got my ice cream.

Overtime tonight. Prep the heavy music.