I am a little sick of Kim Gary. Went there again last night for the umpteenth time after we decided to go to Pyramid for dinner. No more Kim Gary.. noo.. nooo!!

Today was different! Haven’t been to MV for a while since their parking rate hike. I had the excellent but super spicy ikan bakar at the Oasis food court again. I’ve got to stop embarrassing myself in public looking like I went swimming after eating the torturous food. It’s worse when there’re the paparazi like jolcy who snaps a picture of everything that moves, and even those that don’t move!

Today’s select of the web :

Yar! Why Web Pirates Can’t be Touched – Forbes.com

Roti canai to cost 10 sen more from next month 😦

Ja¢k²™ says (9:07 AM):
damn funny la.. the said the cost of a piece of roti canai is 70 cents -_-”
i never knew that much flour is used to make a piece of roti canai

Here’s an excelent video tutorial on some Google hacks to search and download music, or whatever type of file really. It’s from jimmyr.com which has pretty good feeds.