Nobody is perfect. We all fail sometime or another. That says a lot about my expectation for you :p haha

World cup fever never got me. But here are a couple of awesome videos for you.


Some German vid:

Caught Robin Hood on the silver screen last night. It brought me back to my childhood days. I used to love reading The Adventures of Robin Hood over and over again. You can click on the link to read a sample chapter. Can’t believe I forgot all about my childhood heroes.

As for the movie.. it is pretty different from my childhood memories. That aside I thought that it was made pretty well, except for the climatic battle which felt pretty anti climax. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies to enjoy the new ones which come out. I was warned that it would just be a “so-so” movie, but after watching it I would say that it is “not bad” and worth my RM15.

Hannah Yeoh came to my church last weekend and shared about her work. It was as inspiring as it was interesting. I wish more of us would get off our lazy butts and be more pro-active in the community. Not just living in our own little world. The church is doing a series on vocation.

I don’t know how this relates, but I see many of my friends going through issues. Real issues. Issues none of us would ever want to think about. Some of them end up there by their own doing, some not.

For the former, we each choose our own paths. We pursue our own passions. It’s our choice. Yet… we all end up so broken. I don’t want everyone to end up so self absorbed and selfish at the end of the day. And still not be happy.

But what am I trying to say? We should just sit on top of the fence? Which might actually be very much worse..

Let’s seek to do things right.. not for just ourselves.. but look at the bigger picture in life.. Can we do that?

What do you say to someone on his death bed? I do not know where to begin. What do you say to his family?

My uncle lies in unconscious in ICU after an accident. He probably won’t survive the week. No one knows how the accident happened. Even his passenger, who only had minor injuries, had no idea. He was a safe driver.

He will leave behind a loving wife and 4 children, 2 still studying. What gets me most is watching his family members softly calling out to him, slightly tugging on him.. hoping he will respond. Somehow. Someway.

They never gave up for the past few days.

What can we do?

Now that I am past the stage of spamming this blog with links, I have abandoned it a little while. Well I am back, sorta. Still have loads of links in my drafts. Don’t think I will be publishing them anytime soon unless I get any violent protests.

Hmmm, what’s on my mind lately? Well after last weekend, I think I have been challenged. Challenged to bring things to the next level, in different aspects of my life. Some things need to move forward, or would die a natural death. There are some other things I have to let die. I try not to be spread too thin. I guess I am managing alright so far.

The crux of the matter is, the timing is right to bring some of my core focus to the next level.

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