Well it’s been a busy few weeks. Apologies for the lack of updates. Not that I update much anyway :p This time I am suffering from insomnia.. so yeah. Lucky you.

Have been busy with work. New job is challenging. There’s sense of fulfillment in there somewhere. Hope I am able to learn more beyond the technical aspects of the job. Hard to change old habits. Need a push. Grateful to colleagues for being a helping factor.

My car is an adult now. Glad it still looks alright. Being white and all.

APT sucks. The barber never listened. Sigh… Shouldn’t save on that next time. I could draw the parallels of the barber profession with the IT consulting profession. What’s the use?

Hamster died. Murdered by her sister. RIP.

The Imaginariumof Doctor Parnassus is VERY intriguing. Heath Ledger’s last show. Made 2 main observations.

1. Shows the many tools of the devil. Very manipulative. Emotions.. logic.. all is not safe.

2. Choices.. Not wanting to make choices = still lose. Not easy!

Random ranting stops here. Hope I can sleep in the next hour. Or two.