It’s the 10 day of 2010. The year is already dastardly. Churches are being targeted by certain individuals because of the debate on the “Allah” word. It’s ridiculous. But if there’s one thing I learned last year, it’s to have faith. Faith in God’s justice. That we do not try to take things in our own hands but let Him judge. Just pray that no one gets hurt.

I have my own fair share of stupidity. The dark passenger won’t sit still. Am I too mentally / emotionally tired to focus? I am feeling stretched already. I feel that everything is throwing everywhere at once! Work is getting more interesting. The price of progress? Let’s see where this brings me..

Well it was good to meet up with some old faces from the past. Some people never change. There’s only so much we can do for them. And also so much we can take..

OH new year resolutions? Nothing as usual. Just try my best in everything I do… ? Let’s ask the guys..

Simple illustration of the noughties

Irony at its best

I didn’t do it

The 7 deadly sings of IT management – very true

Angry hot chick destroys boyfriend’s PS3 .. hope this never happens to me 😛

Nicholas Cage as everyone =.=

I just cheated with my girlfriend with her hot twin =.=!!!

Let’s have some fun with fruits!