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You can imagine me writing up a story to link up all the links above (probably more Twilight hate), but I won’t. It was disastrous day. I Getz hit by Optimus Prime in the morning. It Getz knocked up in workshop now. Waiting on Prime to pay me in a few mins. Furthermore, my previous mcompany wiggled their way through skipping on paying me for 1 week’s “work”. Even after we had a little agreement on some isuses. HR = devil. Also waiting for my payslip to check if they skimped on EPF.

At least I am alive. I am glad I bought a solid car 🙂 and that it won’t cost as much as Hadi’s Bmer oil tank which leaked after going through the fabulous factory road on the way back from futsal. And it was good we had a superb futsal game, beating some guys we don’t get to beat often. My ankle having no recurrence of the injury. Hope to go badminton soon!

Yes I’ll be watching New Moon tomorrow. More joy =.=

I dedicate this song below to myself and my money.. “easy come easy go..