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me@jnls.net says (9:11 AM):
yo dude
did u add any user exits/badi for transaction FB60?
Alvin says (9:11 AM):
cant remember
me@jnls.net says (9:12 AM):
or rather, does “ALVIN testing 123 yoyo” sound familiar??

Hi Jonathan,

With reference to the screen shot below, after passing data to SAP from Kofax I tried to save the record however the error below was produced. “Posting is only possible with a zero balance”. Is this because the balance on the right hand corner indicates that bal. is “800.00 – “? Must you create some sort of credit limit for these new vendors?

Secondly, I see “header text” displaying ALVIN testing 123 yoyo. This data wasn’t inputed by Kofax but it appears there all the time when ever a transaction is posted. I believe this must be master data coming from somewhere? Can it be removed?

Thanks for your help on this bro.