I find this funny. Don’t know why – CHS Girls Binocular Soccer

Interesting..  Placebo button Wiki

I know anime is fun and all that.. but… a Gundam Wedding??

While those are loading, let me blah. I love public holidays. I know it wasn’t a holiday for those working in KL.. HAHA! Yesterday was fun. Got to chill around Sunway Pyramid with foodho and feel like a kid again.

We went for RM10 O’Brien’s sandwich offer, gadget shopping, dessert shopping, candy shopping, and toy shopping. I think the best thing is that we all don’t have to wait long for the next holiday!

Started watching the old Oh My Goddess! series last week. Caught the OVA years ago on Animax and was quite impressed. Finally found the right time to start watching the 2 seasons of the series. That’s almost 50 episodes of fun!

In some of my free time.. I also came upon these interesting content on the net. Mostly about football.

Statement of the week by Wayne Rooney :

“I have never intentionally tried to dive, there have been times when I have tried to stay on my feet and tried to get the shot off rather than going down. I have never intentionally dived.

“I think everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player who tries to be as honest as they can.”

Please refer to : Top five Wayne ‘I would never dive’ Rooney dives

Even giving him the benefit of the doubt (with much grace) and believing that he does not intentionally dive, in the recent Slovakia match.. he clearly fouls and injures the other player.. and gets a penalty for it (seen below)! =.=

Website of the week: Newsarse – UK News Satire

I like this article – Losing referees Riley and Styles worse than losing Ronaldo, says Ferguson

Funny of the week:

Everyone laughs when they watch this (article for more background information)

Study: Facebook use fuels jealousy, hurts relationships

Skill of the week:

“Upon being challenged by teammate forward Alan Gordon that he could not kick a soccer ball through into a specific window in the press box (the window above the “I” in the “TRAFFIC” sign), Galaxy midfielder David Beckham goes ahead and amazingly hits his spot.

The challenge took place on Friday, Aug. 21, 2009 at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., at the conclusion of the LA Galaxy’s training session.

The video was shot by Galaxy defender Leo Griffin.’