Have been reading the Rave Master manga. Good stuff. Everybody loves Plue? Used to watch the anime, but it was left hanging. Should probably complete the manga by next week or so..

I think we can all learn to park from this kid 😀 kawaii~

Sped home early yesterday to go for a jog, and also to avoid the jam. I brushed off the drizzle and took my underutilized running shoes out for a spin. I had a good half hour run around my area. I certainly had no lack of motivation to run, fueled by various memories of the place I grew up in.

I have not run alone in years. It was good to pass by all the places I used to terrorize. Remembering the many friends I know in that area and wondering what they are doing now. Some have moved out, and some are still there.

I used to park my bicycle at a padang before meeting a friend, until it was stolen one day leaving the lock still attached to the railing. I was surprised the bicycle lock is still there. It’s been 10 years! Let’s see how long more it will be there.

Perhaps I will jog around another area next. Whenever I can find the motivation, that is!

This is a scene from Soccer am last week where Jimmy Bullard once again proves how much of a comedian he can be ;D. What on earth will he get up to next I wonder xD.”