At the recent Chelsea vs Inter Milan friendly in California..

Charlize Theron !

Ashton Kutcher !

Will Ferrel !

But the only sane person / Inter MILAN supporter on that day was… the lovely Alyssa MILANO !!

But I think only Samuel L Jackson is a REAL fan. This pic is from a separate event, and it is said that he became a fan when shooting a film at Anfield 🙂

Lets not forget this other Liverpool fan!

If you are bored like me and looking for a laugh, check out this Harry Potter fan – Harry Potter and the Japanese fangirl

Someone asked me today if I have any enemies. Good question.

update:  Just watched Liverpool – Thailand. Mascherano is a LEGEND!! Frustrated by his teammates’ efforts (or lack of), he was overly aggressive on the pitch. Late tackles on every Thai player he gets within 5 meters of. Kicked every single one of them silly. When a Thai player slid into him, he dived and got him carded.. LOL!!!!