Colleagues brought me to KL to have a very2 delicious siew yuk (here). Was reminded how good siew yuk can be. Still haven’t tried the famous one at Pudu. Will schedule it soooonn….

Robert’s CKT at section 17 is still as good. Can’t wait to have more of that. Don’t know why my colleagues like to go to other shops at that area.

The stork delivered as promised, but for a few items short. Hopefully they’ll take care of themselves in due time. I am just here to share my joy 🙂

Had time to catch up a lot on internet junk. Here’re some that stuck to my mind the past couple of days:

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. – nuff said

Zizou Surprises, Embarrasses Children – watch the end of the video.. 1:50 onwards. OWNED!

Adebayor Brochure – following the footsteps of michael owen.. the original one is funny enough. this one takes mockery to the next level.

Escaped Lion in Melaka – Really.