Listen to this first.

Sometimes you turn on the TV or radio and you just hear a random song which is so awesome it will remain in your head for a week. Mininum. Btw, that was Hail to the Geek by Deaf Pedestrians. I guffawed like a mad man when I heard it in my car. Especially at the second verse. Fortunately no one could hear me (I hope). My new anthem. Here’s an article on the song.

I have a theory that good songs come back. Sometimes we hear a good song, but never figured out its name. Well I believe that if it’s that good, it will come back. No point looking so hard for it.

I never knew who sang this song due to its lack of publicity. Shannon Noll, some runner up to Australian Idol, released this song a few years ago. Lo and behold, Markie gave me this link just a few minutes ago and I found it 😀

Such fun.