Many of us missed out on “campus life”. We look upon those who are enjoying it with envy. Deep down we tell ourselves, what we are doing now is worth it. For whatever reasons we have.

Well it’s up to everyone to make full use of what they have. Let’s enjoy what we have, and appreciate what we had 🙂

Just back from Su Thing’s wedding dinner. Good to meet the big group again 😀 Pix will be probably out in FB soon!

One thing many of them asked after not seeing me for some time: “What happened to your hair?” =.=

Funny quote in forum:

They say power is nothing without control. But without power what can u control?

I miss footie compilation vids. These are some great ones I got from LYN:

The Worst Football Dives Ever

2 Good 2 Bad – The best of 2008/2009 so far …