As Stephen puts it.. Tool VS Toy..

The KFC incident, a few accountants’ advice, and the new government directive determines tool wins. I’m such a tool.

I will keep drooling over the toy. The R&D was good knowledge though. Learnt a lot. About time too!

Need some comfort food. Maju2’s cook should be back from hometown already. I miss my nasi goreng USA 😛

Is there anything majorly wrong with my hair? My boss just couldn’t get enough of it. I took leave last Friday. He forgot that I took leave, and my colleagues were taking bets on whether I disappeared to cut my hair. Seriously..

Even my kampung mom also describes it as “fili-fala”. I also get random ppl asking me to gel my hair. I know it’s looks a bit weird now thanks to the stupid barber.. but I don’t think it’s that bad. Everyone really enjoys the drama =.=

The ppl at my work can’t stop feeding me. I think I had more free meals working here in the past month, than the whole of Chinese New Year. Burp.

Been introduced to some classic Indonesian jazz. Fresh meattt