An honest interview by L’Equipe.. translated by one of my least favorite papers:

Arsene Wenger: His most revealing interview

“I think I have been tough because I have continued to believe in this team when nobody else did.

“And I remained faithful to my policy when everyone told me I was heading straight for a brick wall. People reproach me for not having bought Gareth Barry or Xavi Alonso.

“But I am a prisoner of my own policy. Buying Barry or Alonso is killing Alexandre Song, Abou Diaby and Denilson.”

Facebook > Events > Birthdays …

Looking at everyone’s birthdays made me realize how old everyone was. Except for myself, of couse. I am beyond time :p Check out The Speed Of Life.

Tham brought me to this BBQ Chicken place in Taipan. It’s pretty good! A “healthier” fried chicken option. Teriyaki sauce fried chicken.. mmmm..

Preview to the big opening. Berjaya Krispy Kreme! The website design is hypnotizing me… must.. eat.. more.. KK..

My current muse is still 308 la. Cannot fight.

Oops.. time to work on KK’s program. Ciao