Nice song from the beginning of Marley and Me

Woke up late for the past couple of days. Just realized my alarm is not working -_-

At least I am not too busy at the office this week. The extra time out also helped me with the slow brain movement.

Input > output. The excess needs to be dealt with. How how how?

Krispy Kreme opening in Berjaya Times Square. 10am 27th April. Be their first customer and get a year’s supply of doughnuts. Thinking of taking leave..

Have been having some Neverwinter Nights 2 … sigh… there goes my life. More reasons to take leave.

Been mixing with more people my age (or thereabouts) again, after more than a year in the rumble tumble jungle. I feel.. distant. They are very nice though. Let’s see how I fit in.