More random things trailing in my head from Facebook note by Shaolin. It is hard to think of things when put in a spot. But with freedom..

1. The mothership gave me the name チャン アルビン チョン マン

2. I love the song “We are the world“.  Gives me some Malaysian childhood memories.

3. Most of my childhood was in Brunei. Yet the Malaysian ones stick more.

4.  I just learnt to enjoy smoked salmon.

5. I just learnt that my car was hit .. by my sister’s friend who is a new driver.. zzzzz… I don’t know who to pity more.. the friend or my car or the people in between.. Proves my car is a girl magnet :p

6. I don’t know what my mom is doing with my money. Well it’s anytime better than my dad.

7. Jose Mourinho is drow. I have no doubt.

8. TBC


Commitment. A word which strikes fear into the heart of many. Including myself. I have been living quite freely in some respect, by the grace of my family.

Now, like my father likes to say, “the honeymoon is over”. There is responsibility to rise up to. Commitment to pledge. Failing which, consequences will take effect.

The big question is.. How much to commit?? (main group)

  • How much do I get? (subgroup)
  • How much is necessary? (subgroup)
  • How much is peer pressure? (subgroup)

Too much work -_-


8. I got a call from my boss. I went to the toilet for a big one, and was awayfor some time. And he called me to make sure I didn’t run away or something.. I DON’T KNOW WHY..

It is hard to take a dump nowadays.