Guillem Balague has been one of the few sports journalist I enjoy reading throughout the years. I just discovered his website :

He has good insider information, and juicy bits from the Spanish press to share from Marca. That includes Liverpool news as well!

Juande Ramos before the CL game:

“Liverpool have very good players in general but it’s as a team they are the most dangerous, they are very competitive,” he said.

“If he (Gerrard) plays he’s fit. I wouldn’t play an injured player and I don’t think Rafa would either. He’s an important player.

“(But) to be honest when I talk about the game I only talk about Real Madrid and to get the best out of my side.

“I don’t talk about Liverpool hardly at all because I don’t know how they are going to play or who is going to play.

“What I want is for us to do as well as possible. The only thing that I know about them is that they are going to play with 11 players.”

lol.. A good way to put it. It is hard indeed to second guess Rafa’s mind. Hope he signs his contract. It is a sad thing Rick Parry is leaving. I wish him all the best and thank him for his service to the club for so many years.

Liverpool have just lost to Boro.. leaving them more  than a few steps behind in the title race. That’s too bad. I don’t think any self respecting fan seriously expected them to win the league at the start of the season. It is a plain unrealistic expectation.  I am happy with their improvements this season, and I think this puts them in a position to be more prepared to win the league next season. That’s a good sign, and it is  much more realistic for them to win the league next season with the experience they had this season.. and the hunger if fuels.

Hmm.. “plain”…

Alvin says (1:20 AM):
i ahve to wake up 5 something.. now cant sleep
Andrew says (1:23 AM):
Andrew says (1:23 AM):
sleep in the plain-lor
Andrew says (1:23 AM):
Andrew says (1:23 AM):
plane i mean
Andrew says (1:23 AM):
too much mtg

must.. not.. start MTG… again…..

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