I think I make a horrible student. Just think of all the trouble I put my teachers through in school, and in college. Poor fellas.

Now in the working world. I doubt I changed much. I mean I think I am ok in the classes. And I do learn well there (compared to academic studies šŸ˜› ). It’s just that, to put it mildly, I never leave the best of impressions with my sensei‘s.

Win some, lose some.

Thinking about teachers, I do admire the work done by many of the teachers in our education system. It is indeed an honorable profession, if done with the right motives. Last week’s thought provoking sermon by Dr Victor (insert Underworld puns here) did stir up a few questions. If your child told you he/she wanted to be a teacher, would you encourage him/her to pursue the dream?

btw I found a good malaysian education info blog : http://www.malaysia-students.com/