Back from football again. Woo hoo! My previous work out took 3 days to recover from. At least I can do better this time. I am so fat and slow.. run a bit have to breathe heavily. Sigh.

I never had much experience playing big field. All my tournaments played in a pitch bigger than the average futsal place have not gone well. This is a good blooding ground. Time to develop my game further.

I feel like Titus Bramble! After making a mistake.. the ppl here say.. “SOR.. SOR…ry”. I don’t know why they emphasize the “SOR” in “sorry” so much.

At least I scored today :p

We  get to play until 11pm! Had to walk and take a bus for about 1/2 an hour to the court.  At least its a shorter distance than traveling to Tooting previously in the UK.  But I don’t have any company for dinner here..

Went to ‘K’ and 7-11 to grab a snack. They have a whole counter selling curry fish ball, buns and the like. Nah.. went exploring at the shops. Bought a drink and some snacks at San Miu supermarket. The bread shop was still open! Got some melon bread and devoured them Shana style.

Time to pack. Going back for the weekend! 😀 Lots of work to complete before I leave… zzz