Portsmouth 2 – Liverpool 3

Liverpool was able to end their string of draws with the non top 4 teams with a pulsating second half against Pompey. With the scores goalless at half time, Pompey threatened to endanger Liverpool’s title ambitions with a debatable offside goal from “England Everton useless” David Nugent.

The Reds then upped the tempo and old boy Peter “Robo” Crouch gave us a helping hand.. in the form of a back pass.. which was almost intercepted by Kuyt.. but another old boy David James stopped it. However it was ruled as a back pass from Crouch as James used his hands. We got an indirect free kick in the box.. and left foot master “Timberlake” Aurelio put it away..

I was laughing gleefully to the irony of events (tq crouchie!) and then Pompey scored again -_- A soft free kick was given away on the flanks and Herman “the Hermit” Hreidarsson scored with an open header. 2-1 to Pompey. I was on the verve of a heart attack, and vowed to quit watching football when I turn 50.. almost..

On came Torres..

He ran onto a ball behind the defence after a mistake by Distin and provided the cross for a late equalizer from Kuyt. He also headed the goal in injury time after good work on the flanks from Peter “Benayoun” Petrelli and Aurelio. I don’t know how he generated so much power for the header by just standing still.

He is the man. His Kop cult status just elevated another 10%. What a game! It went from joy to despair and then to ecstasy! It was funny when Tony Adams kicked the chairs in the stands in frustration after Liverpool equalized. It was a close call. Kudos to the fighting spirit of the guys!

I am glad I watched the second half. Went for supper with some friends after their ended their OT weekend work and came back just in time for the thriller!

David Cook – Light On

Try to leave a light on when I’m gone
Something I rely on to get home
One I can feel at night
A naked light, a fire to keep me warm
Try to leave a light on when I’m gone
Even in the daylight, shine on
And when it’s late at night you can look inside
You won’t feel so alone

Must stop feeding the beast.  It comes swiftly like a shark. So far so good.. I have taken measures to keep myself away.  It was very close. I don’t want to get bitten, or do I?

I saw the light.  We were in Taipa since Joan has never been there. Then I saw the ppl. I took the chance. And found .. football!! OMGBBQQ!! They play every night! Until 11pm!!

I never had a dream come true..

The only thing is I have to take the bus to Taipa to play.. who cares! I wasn’t really ready today. I was aware of the possibility though, so I was already in jersey and futsal shoes LOL!! But I wore jeans and had already went to the gym this morning and have been walking the whole noon and overate. Don’t care. I K.O.-ed after about an hour when they changed to big field, but at least I scored my first goal on China soil 😀

Just put of my hot tub.. waiting for them to call me for dinner.. then have some Choya .. then sleep.. then work tmr.. zzz