Been watching the two Marvel Ultimate Avengers [wiki] movies. Pretty good!

It has always been a problem balancing fun and competitiveness. The highest level of competition is more about the pressure than fun. The glory of success is obviously fun but not everyone gets there.. depending on the expectations.

My point is as peers are being more competitive than oneself, he/she will find it harder to have fun. Kiasuism destroys fun. I guess we all need to make a decision, how we want to be committed in something. Whether to be “casual” or “competitive”. If you are stuck in between, you’ll suffer.

I hate killing other people’s fun. But I think the idea is to be consistent. So they will have the correct expectations when going into something I am being (or have to be) a prick about.

I also hate to lag behind when everyone else is ahead of me. It’s just less fun when everyone else is going into the kiasu mode. Obviously to be good.. or competitive.. we need to make certain sacrifices. No pain, no gain.

Anyway I am going to have to make some decisions and manage my commitment along with my approach to a few things. Balance.. the art of life.

I finally got my FOIL Violent Ultimatum! Not a particularly expensive or good card, but I love the art. Also got a foil Battlegrace Angel.. shiny

On a separate note, I have issued my ultimatum some time ago. A negative response set the gears in motion. Now the plan is almost complete..