Can’t remember if I’ve done this. Just for fun..

Tagged by Qiqi in her old blog on 23rd Oct 2006.

4 Things many don’t know:
– it’s 5.50am and i can’t stop laughing
– i hardly watched any liverpool games this season
– they just scored a last minute penalty to draw the game and played like shit. athletico fans ended up crying 😛
i start work at 12 noon tomorrow.. and almost everyday except when i start work at 1pm

4 Movies I could watch over and over:
i generally avoid watching anything over and over, watching them like that diminishes their overall impact. unless its legendary liverpool goals like:
– THAT riise goal against man utd

– THAT last min mcallister free kick goal against everton in the treble winning season
– luis garcia goals against juventus / chelsea
– pepe reina saving the shevchenko penalty winning the CL!

4 Places where I’ve lived:
ss17 subang
– usj 2
– canary wharf? haha

4 TV Shows I love:
dont really love many tv shows. i love all the shows i watch, or i ll ditch them. the shows i am currently watching are
– dexter

– one piece
– how i met your mother
– marvel ultimate avengers (movies)

4 Places I’ve been on vacation:
just nearby in recent years:
– melaka

– ipoh
– camerons

4 of my Favourite Food:
i can name 40! lol! heres just a few:
– nasi goreng usa @maju2

– zingermediumcombo / snackplatespicythighdrumstick @kfc
– any good teh ais/peng
– charkuehteowmeen ka hopaotan @alison

4 Places I would rather be:
– my bed, but i cant sleep cos of that goal
– in liverpool soaking up the atmosphere
– US playing Magic 😛
– an unlocked bank vault

4 Favourite Songs:
– backstreets back alright! (just kidding)
i can name 400??? i ll go by albums then.. haha
– recently given an album by the script. not bad driving music. tq for the present!

– colbie cailat’s coco
– duffy’s rockferry
– erm. .something more upbeat: any YUI album

4 Others I wanna tag:
will let u know in another 2 years

PS: After being worried at the weekend, I am happy to hear some good news this week.. fruits of my labour! 😀 learnt new lesson not to count my chicks before they hatch. hmm maybe i should rephrase that. nah.