I don’t eat much spicy food. It is not something I enjoy, but they can be pretty good sometimes. Often when I eat some spicy food, and it can be too much to bear. So I usually take breaks in between so it won’t be too spicy for me. A little cold water helps to distract from the spiciness too.

Unfortunately I had spicy food with friends who love spicy food. They did not seem to be happy that I was not really enjoying the spicy food that day. It was not that I did not like the food, it was just a little too hot to handle sometimes. Especially when I bit into the cili padi.

It was even worse when they have been looking forward to eat it for so long. They also did not appreciate the fact that I used too much cold water, as it kinda bothered them..

I swear the food was good, but it just did not look like I was into it. Their dramatic reaction was pretty disappointing though.

What to do? Practice eating more spicy food? Don’t eat spicy food with them next time? Maybe they should be more sensitive as well?

I quote Zac Hill: That was awkward..