What do most ppl think of Jamie Carragher?

Many perceive him as a typical aggressive defender, all brawn and just enough brains to do the job. Well I am currently reading his autobiography, and he breaks out of the stereotype being a virtual walking football encyclopedia and having an astute footballing mind.

The book is deemed controversial for his rather honest take on his aggressive nature.. a little like the Roy Keane autobiography. I think much of the book outlines his passion and determination for the things he believes in. I highly respect and can emphatise with his views on quite a few things but don’t really agree with everything that is written.

What I found most interesting is how he transformed from a teacher’s worst nightmare to a model professional and family man.. despite the occasional red mist. How he sees life in a different light after significant events in his life.. which I shall not spoil in case you are going to read the book.

Got me thinking a bit too, about what I am doing with my life. Oh that also happened when I read the Monk and the Riddle, a book I borrowed from Uncle Kha Loon. Not a usual book I will read but I think I understood most of it with my limited knowledge of how business works in the US.

Well I guess I am slowly solving the riddle myself. Trying to maximize what I have of the limited time we all have with one another.

I hate jetlag.