The score suggested we lost badly, but I think we didn’t do too bad at all. We played pretty well and dominated most of proceedings. Unfortunately once we conceded at key moments, it was a bit too much to ask from everyone. It all started with a Riise-esque own goal.. No blame. Poo-poo happens..

Nonetheless, it was still a huge step forward from last week! We are looking forward to next week to set things right.. so that the world continues rotating, and nature is balanced again 😛

Sigh, Riise..

Can’t wait for next weekend. I took Friday off so I have a 4 day weekend. I can watch the CL game.. >< and Shadowmoor’s release event is on Saturday!

Anyway, I guess I did something right this week. At my company badminton event, I got third place in singles.. out of four .. haha! At least I won 1 game ok… dun play play… Whee 😛 Woke up with the right side of my body pretty sore for my troubles. I guess it was worth it.

Next event is futsal. Hope I can make myself useful there..