In the first episode of the IBA futsal league chronicles, SJGC began with a win by beating Port Klang 3-1. Get the full story from Alvin at the mamak near you.

I have to buy a new indoor shoe. I got a turf shoe the other time, and it can’t be used on the flat indoor futsal pitch. Today, I went on a scouting quest.. and I found this ..

The picture makes it look old and jaded. Imagine a shiny indoor version of it. Here’s its (dramatic) story:

The adidas Predator PowerSwerve Football Boot becomes the 9th major incarnation of the iconic Predator boot and features more technology than ever before. Available in a choice of three sole plates designed to cover any surface or condition, the PowerSwerve will feature prominently across the globe in international football competitions and all the top divisions, right down to grass roots footballers.

The introduction of SmartFoam technology and a re-designed PowerPulse system gives this football boot increased ball spin for accuracy and masses of power when you need it. Combined with the soft grain leather upper the PowerSwerve is set to be another legendary addition to the adidas Predator family.

Football legend Zinédine Zidane helped to develop the new adidas Predator® PowerSwerve boot. After ending his active career, he worked together with the adidas innovation team (a.i.t) in the further evolution of the new boot. By thoroughly testing the new model, Zinédine Zidane has helped to take quality and fit of this football boot to a new level. The ninth generation of the adidas Predator® family sets new standards, in particular with regard to power, swerve and control. Scientific tests have shown that, in comparison to its predecessor, the Predator® PowerSwerve can achieve up to eight percent more swerve and increase the power behind every shot by around three percent. The Dynamic PowerPulse™ technology in the sole of the boot and the special hi-tech foam in the forefoot upper material make these improvements possible. The PowerPulse™ element filled with tungsten powder, which shifts weight toward the point of impact, enables players to put more power behind every shot. The hi-tech foam in the Predator® element ensures added power, more swerve and better ball control.

Decisions, decisions.. ait!