This was my third FNM. My previous record was at 1-2-0, 2-2-0 (wins-losses-draws) at the shop in Summit. This is my first FNM in Manawerx.

Tonight I got an average (1-1-1). I was a little star struck being in the company of so many great players. As usual, I made a few n00b mistakes.

My first match was against Adrian, a DCI National Top 75 player. Obviously I lost that one. The great thing is he is a nice guy and taught me my mistakes πŸ™‚ Oh he works in TPM too.

2nd match against a Phillipino whom I beat, and the last match was the weirdest. I was ONE TURN away from the win. Sadly, there was not enough time and we had to draw the game. ARGHHHH!!! I could have won my first FNM prize there and then …


Admittedly I did make a few dumb mistakes.. it was the first time saw his kinda deck in action, but he made a few major blunders himself.. kekekke… πŸ˜›

Trading was fun too! I got my first man-lands!! πŸ˜€ – the little extra oomph in the deck.. ermm.. my other deck πŸ˜› I got it at 25% -40% off what they are selling in the shops (depending on which shop you go to).

All in all, a great day of fun and meeting new friends. Hopefully.. more to come πŸ™‚