First name: alvin

Last name: chan

Birthdate: a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away)

Gender: m

Favourite colour: depends on my mood. black/blue/red most of the time?

Favourite animal: my family

Favourite subject: PJK. i even went to other classes’ ones

Favourite country: mushroom kingdom

Favourite place of vacation: melaka/ipoh/penang? (anywhere with great food)

Favourite ice cream flavour: mostly chocolatey stuff

Favourite TV series: many. i enjoy watching anime/comedy/fantasy/sci-fi. i mostly watch the lighter shorter stuff nowadays. lazy to invest the time/emotion/thought on longer ones.

Favourite sport: futbol always


…were you doing at this time last week?: in training torturing my brain

…are you planning to do next: more work (i think)

…is it that you wished you had: more money? 🙂

…is your ambition: my latest one is to win a prize at a Friday Night Magic (FNM) event

…animal are you most afraid of: not exactly afraid of birds, but i am afraid of their bombs

…are you most afraid of in your life: my boss (lol)

…is the most embarrassing thing so far in life: one of them – giving a christmas card for a birthday

…is it that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the chance: too many!! erm.. turning green, my body outgrowing my clothes and smashing everything/everyone in sight??

If you were given the chance to do anything right now what would you do (regardless how long it takes and how expensive it is): going to Liverpool for the month, visiting Anfield, then flying to the US to hypnotize the 2 owners to give everything to me…