Blinqué™ says (9:20 PM):
wanna go baskin robbins? says (9:21 PM):
Blinqué™ says (9:21 PM):
31% says (9:21 PM):
ooo packed one wo
can oso 😛

Blinqué™ says (9:22 PM):
quick quick

– PatrickW – says:
havent bathe yet
Blinqué™ says:
screw bathe la
Blinqué™ says:
its gonna be damn packed there
Blinqué™ says:
u’ll be sweaty at the end
– PatrickW – says:
dont want la
– PatrickW – says:
just came back from taipan
– PatrickW – says:
jam like hell says (9:24 PM):
tell him 945 la
Blinqué™ says (9:24 PM):
he dun wan
Blinqué™ says (9:25 PM):
– PatrickW – says:
you guys go ahead and buy one for me
i asking alle to call him
works better :p says (9:26 PM):
ok la lets go now
sure dman jam
Blinqué™ says (9:26 PM):
wait calling pat first
the guy damn woman says (9:26 PM):
he ll take at least 20 mins la
pat <> now