Currently listening to Alicia Keys. Again. She’s definitely one of my favourite artists. Another great role model for us kids 😉

Reading that Tuesdays with Morrie book I “borrowed” from Stupid really blessed me. It kinda refreshes my perspectives in life. It is very reassuring and comes at the perfect moment when I am starting to second guess some of my “principles”in life. Arigatou gozaimasu Goddo~

Hmm.. life..

Something I enjoyed very much and always wanted to do.. was learning to play mah jong!! I learned the feat from the great sifu Jack at Chin’s house, which I finally found after having another tour de Puchong. The other players helped too.. especially MoJo-jojo who was very patient with us n00bs and also contributed a bit to our cause 😉

I love CNY visitations.

I think I appreciate the CNY season a bit more this year, as it gives an excellent excuse and time frame to call out old friends you rarely see to sit down and have nice conversations with. I will definitely be looking forward to this little window of opportunity next year. More fun to come next week!

More fun from the BBC:

Another WHAT-IF question:- “What if I had a Brazilian name?”
Get your Brazilian name here with your free national kit 🙂

This is a bunch of Dutch Pop Idol losers singing at half time at a football match. As with all other things in this post: it’s not new, but never old.